Essays on The Energy Drink Industry: Red Bull against Energizer Essay

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The paper "The Energy Drink Industry: Red Bull against Energizer" is an outstanding example of an essay on marketing. The energy drink industry is one that is very promising. The consumer behaviors that characterize people of all nations determine the success or the failure of these industries. Also, people from all walks of life confirm this too. Red bull in particular according to ABC News confirms that the brand of the energy drink is sold to more than 140 countries across the globe. Some who have consumed red bull have confessed of red bull’ s threat to human health.

This alarm has not been strong enough to deter potential victims (Porte, 2008, pp. 78-93,137). They will consume it n matter what. Come death or health. The liquor is particularly popular among the young generation. (Harris, 2013) The rate at which consumption of the energy drinks has taken the course will never decelerate. The main reason is its addictive nature. Red bull is not an exception. The more there is the presence of an active number of young adults, the more the growth of the energy industries.

All the players in the industry including but not limited to: suppliers of the raw materials, suppliers of the labor-capital, owners of the energy drink industries and other indirect players. There are really good things to those who take the energy drink industry seriously. This may take place now or even in the future. The amount of any returns to any company in this industry is what will never be fixed. The profits will have to be distributed amongst all of them. The smartest companies will market their brands innovatively.

They will have to make use of the ME Porters the five competitive forces. The rigid and stubborn companies that are not open to new knowledge and challenges will be wiped away. A very ugly reality will confront these companies. Only the smartest will outlive the rest; their brands will withstand the competitive market forces (Ringold, 2008, pp. 127-141). Energy drinks have faced a lot of opposition and criticism from governments and various organizations. The red bull energy drink, for example, has taken a very good share of criticism and its effects.

The brand has been banned in some countries. France, Denmark, and Norway have authorized its sale only in the pharmacies. They have found it to be dangerous to license it as merely an energy drink. There are those who mix the brand with alcohol. According to nutritionist and medics, mixing red bull with alcohol leads to the dehydration of the person taking it in the form of such mixture. In this light, the Greek government has regulated the manner in which people consume the brand.

The Greeks have been very categorical in that red bull should never be mixed with alcohol. It has further commanded that the drink should never be taken after one has engaged himself/herself in very rigorous and strenuous exercises. Canada food inspection agency has too found one or two things to pick a quarrel with the red bull. They have found it unfit for human consumption.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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