Essays on Engineering Design Concepts Assignment

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Engineering Standards and DesignIntroductionThe role of design in engineering has been central to any engineering feat. It is complementary to the roles of science and technological innovations. It plays a different role in advancement of knowledge and creates human benefits. While scientists are concerned with science and technology the designers are concerned with socially, culturally and spatially situated application of technologies. The success of the design depends on clear and deep understanding of the necessity of the context. The practical knowledge will play a main role in creating a good design.

The design will have economic perception also. The design of products and systems will mean an immediate realisation of the particular contexts. The potentiality in the technology can be exhibited by the design. The innovative design practices have become compulsory associates of technological inventions. This brings about creativity in the economic practices. The design will give an economic touch to the technology. The designing must be based on broad based technological innovation. It should be built upon the unique advantages offered by this setting. The designing must be a result of pursuing research and executes practical design.

It engages in scholarship and criticism. It should be organised as collection of multidisciplinary research and project teams. It should not be restricted to the traditional boundaries. The design, planning and engineering professions must act beyond the boundaries of technology. The designing institutes should be engaged in new technologies and their potentialities must be exhibited using innovative designs. These designs will be highly effective solutions to problems regarding social, economic and cultural importance if the potentiality of technology was established. The designing institutions must be particular about the emerging possibilities in information technologies.

While considering the technology the designer should think about the new material, fabrication and construction technologies. The innovative methods to provide functionality at micro and nano scales are crucial to the designing methods. The designing should consider urban, regional and global systems along with the individual systems. Importance of Standards in DesignThe educators of engineering have gained a good understanding about the importance of the design experience. Its practice in the working world receives techniques and tips to incorporate standards in to curriculum.

This inclusion of standards will benefit engineering students in every discipline. This is because the understanding of standardisation will give them conformity and assessment of the knowledge. This in turn will provide competitive edge. While designing a tension bolt to support a known load requires following measures. The strength of the bolt material, bolt diameter and thread, tightening torque, preload. Applying the torque to increase pre load minimises the effect of the load and so increases the fatigue life. 2.1 Design AutomationThe industry and the society need the design automation.

The need for the standards when reaches a critical threshold will witness the intensity of interest in work. One of the aspects of the standards in designing is HDL. It stands for Hardware description language. The need of this language is due to the difference in design automation tools. The difference in design and manufacturing facilities also will result in interchanging the data. There are other reasons like interface standard that parses the design of design of automation tools. This parses will make DA systems into smaller tasks and thus they will require less effort.

The HDL will allow tools and workshops to converse with one another. This is due to the presence of a standard HDL interchange format. When the standard format is absent, the translator cannot develop a pair of tools that need to interact. This turns the designing and the usage expensive. For this reason, the system should develop languages like HDL to develop interaction between any two designers. The absence of HDL results in depletion of scarce resources and makes poor, the quality of the tool.

The software and hardware developed cannot be considered as mature till they are interacted with the like-minded designs and technologies. So HDL can be considered as the requirement that develops the standards in the technology.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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