Essays on Operations of Honda Motor Company Ltd Assignment

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The paper "Operations of Honda Motor Company Ltd" is a perfect example of a business assignment. This report is an effort which brings out the operations of Honda Motor Company Ltd, in four major areas namely, environment and sustainability, ethics and social responsibilities, planning and decision making and organisational structure. A comparison of these standards between Honda and its competitors will bring out Honda’ s proficiency in these areas. Honda has an above par environment sustainability front as the company is an advanced thinking company and believes in looking forward to future generations.

Though the changes in this company are much big a lot of motor companies are in a race to catch up with Honda. Honda has very well taken over the responsibilities of a multinational company and is well into social aspects of charity, donation, involvement with local bodies and highly satisfied customers. Its social motto is to become a company that the people want to be. Honda plans to enter big markets like India and China as these countries have high potential and the company foresees a huge expansion corridor.

But the market is different from the North American markets as the affordability is different in this region so the prices are to be charged very carefully and this shall take a toll on quality issues. So the decision making is required to be carried out with diligence and care. The organisational structure of Honda is quite different as a part of it is influenced by Japanese corporate governance law and partly by western corporation structures. The decision making is done by the upper level of management as the company has a centralised organisation structure like that of Toyota. Honda Motor Company is a multinational company with its products selling worldwide.

It had a profit figure of 6.44 billion (USD) and a total strength of over 1, 79,000 employees in the last financial year. (Honda Annual Report 2011) The company is listed in two different stock exchanges (Tokyo and New York) and has some important responsibilities towards its shareholders. These responsibilities are governed by legislative rules which state that “ equitable principles of trade and sound business practices. ” (NYSE Rules Introduction 2012) the company is required to carry out its operations carefully to meet out the stakeholders in both the exchange.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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