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The paper 'Occupational Health and Safety System" is a good example of a management assignment.   The main focus of this learning module is to expand your knowledge and skills so that you are both confident and competent in establishing, maintaining and evaluating SJGHC’ s Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) policies, procedures and programs in your work area in accordance with OHS requirements. Learning outcomes On completion of this module you will have additional knowledge and skills in how to: Establish and maintain an OHS system Establish and maintain participative arrangements for the management of OHS Establish and maintain procedures for identifying hazards, and assessing and controlling risks Establish and maintain a quality OHS management system. Prior Knowledge and Experience There are no pre-requisites for this Unit.

If you have prior knowledge of this subject you may be entitled to apply for skills recognition (previously called recognition of prior learning or RPL). This means you may not have to complete this entire Unit. If you believe you might fall into this category please seek advice from your Learning Coordinator. What are the primary health and safety issues for your Unit/Department? As a Manager/Team Leader what have you done/has been done to reduce the impact of these issues? When providing care to the bariatric patients, the health and safety issues involve lifting the patients, manual handling and use of mechanical equipment when handling the patients.

The activities can lead to sprains and strain of the joints, injuries to the spinal cord and muscles injuries. In order to reduce the impacts of OHS problems, various measures have been put in place. The staff members have been trained on how to handle the equipment as well as the bariatric patients.

Continuous training is also carried among the staff members. The staff members are also provided with equipment for handling the patients which enhances their safety. Each of the staff members is also provided with a personal alarm that they can use for emergency purposes. The caregivers have also been provided with safety policy manuals to enable them to carry out their activities effectively. 1.2How have you contributed to maintaining an OHS system in your Unit/Department and your Division? What site OHS policies/procedures are available at your workplace? Where are they located? Measures have been put in place at the department to ensure that the OHS system at the department has been maintained.

The department usually has policies as well as workplace inspection tools. The workplace inspection tool is usually used for determining site compliance with regards to workplace health and safety. The hospital has an OHS policy that has been developed for managers and it is aimed at providing the procedures for dealing with the health issues. Different risks, as well as hazards, have been identified by the hospitals (St.

John of God Healthcare, 4). The procedures for dealing with each of the hazards had been identified in the policy. Each of the caregivers has been provided with the OHS manual and they can use it whenever necessary. The manager also has the manual with the procedures and can be applied on the site when necessary.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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