Essays on Effective Communication and Teamwork at Ca City Retail Group afe Case Study

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The paper 'Effective Communication and Teamwork at Ca City Retail Group Сafe" is a good example of a management case study. Effective communication and teamwork are vital to the performance of an organization in meeting its goals and objectives. We evaluated how a team manager of Ca City Retail Group café who has been frustrated by the team’ s poor performance employed different strategies to improve the team’ s cohesion and ultimately raise the performance of the team. The creation of the key performance indicators, as well as team motivation strategies, are used to identify the roles of each team member, which are consistently evaluated and improved upon through frequent communication.

Furthermore, the setting of short-term goals and long-term goals allow the team to have a clear vision of what is required of them as individuals and as a team. Employment of conflict management and negations strategies to solve arising issues helps in developing good working relationships among the team member. Finally, we conclude that a manager can increase the performance of teams through motivation, monitoring, and evaluation and acting of the feedback obtained as well as ensuring effective communication. Introduction A team can be described as a group of people with collective responsibility, accountability and work together to in an accomplishing a defined task.

Factors that promote team effectiveness include effective communication, monitoring, and evaluation, team goals, support from team leaders (managers), effective ways of handling conflicts, and having good role models. A manager must instil good skills to his team while developing it to ensure high performance. This essay seeks to review that how such strategies are implemented to the increase overall performance of the team in CA Retail cafe that includes the chef customer service (cash register) and customer service (dining areas). Ways of addressing poor performance There are several ways in which the manager of CA City Retail Group Café can use to address the issues poor performance experienced in that the service delivery.

These ways include conflict management, negotiation skills, and providing directions advising. Additionally, a manager should guide the team with particular emphasis on their job descriptions and the purpose entailing their job to enable the provision for good service. Each member of the team has particular skills in which he/she can contribute to the team to increase its productivity. The chef has the responsibility of ensuring that quality food is delivered which is up to the required standard to the customers. Customer service at the cash registry has the role of ensuring that orders are taken promptly and maintaining the timely meal delivery as well as assisting each client in a courteous manner.

The employees should also ensure that service delivery should be in line with the organization policy The customer service at dining areas should mainly ensure that the cleanliness standards of Ca Retail café are up to the standard required. Specific team goals for team members to ensure productivity There are specific goals that each team member should achieve to ensure higher productivity in the retail cafe which includes; The chef needs to ensure that food quality is of the expected standards and that it is ready on time so that the customers are served efficiently. The customer service staff at the cash registry should ensure that orders are taken within the first minute from when a customer walks into the premises and ensure that the order is delivered within 10 minutes as per the policy by informing the team members in the dining area on time. The dining area customer service should make sure that the dirty dishes in the dining area are cleared on time as well as delivery of that food within ten minutes as per the customer policy.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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