Essays on Entering the Highly Competitive Chocolate and Confectionery Market Case Study

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The paper "Entering the Highly Competitive Chocolate and Confectionery Market" is a worthy example of a case study on marketing. This report is a marketing strategy that will highlight the marketing strategic plan that will allow the chocolate develop to a plan on how they will concentrate its resources in order to optimize the existing opportunities to achieve its intended goals of sales increase and sustain its competitive advantage (ALLEN, 2009). A strategic marketing strategy involves analysing all the short and strategic plan in the area of the company’ s marketing activities that deal with the examination of the strategic initial business state of affairs in and the conceptualisation and devising, assessment and selection of appropriate market-oriented strategies that will contribute to achieve the goals of chocolate and its marketing objectives (Ronald Ross Watson, 2012). This document will examine the chocolates SMART goals and objectives these objectives are the guiding principles for the chocolate and confectionery products that will enable them to achieve its goals, and also articulate the way that the company will pursue the desired performance results.

The SMART objectives are the action play that will be used in directing the marketing objectives of the confectionery products company (O.

C. Ferrell, 2012). This report will also examine the industry’ s five competitor forces these forces include the threat of new entrants, availability of substitutes, the bargaining power of customers, competitors and the bargaining power of suppliers. Examining these five forces will enable the company to be able to come up with strategies that will enable the company to navigate the market effectively and achieve its profit objectives. By understanding the industry’ s competitive forces, and its core causes will disclose the roots of the chocolate industry.

The structure of the industry drives the level of competition and profitability in the industry, understanding the structure of the industry will go a long way in enabling the company to forge strategies that are in line with the industry effectiveness and place the company in the direction of becoming the market leader and the chocolate product of choice in the region. While, articulating the strategic objectives will be vital in ensuring the sustainability of chocolate and confectionery products business objectives, the strategies for the medium and short term goals, will be articulated to suit the strategic goals of the company while achieving the company’ s immediate goals (Ronald Ross Watson, 2012). The industry’ s effective will be examined in this report.

The effectiveness of the industry will be based on the conditions of the company’ s macro and microenvironment. The internal and external forces facing the company will shape the direction that the company will take. While the company can influence the internal environment, it is widely vulnerable to the aspects of the external environment (Alexander, 2012).  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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