Essays on Enterprise Rent-A-Car - Establishing Marketing Scenarios and Forecasting Alternatives Case Study

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The paper “ Enterprise Rent-A-Car - Establishing Marketing Scenarios and Forecasting Alternatives” is a well-turned example of the case study on marketing. Enterprise Rent-A-Car is the largest car renting company in North America but it has subsidiaries in other countries such as Australia and the United Kingdom. The Enterprise Rent-A-Car company has more than 5000 locations globally and this has made it gain a competitive advantage in the competitive market. The firm wants to open new branches in the North of London and the South-East region due to the high demand for its services (Plunkett 2006, p.

230). The regions identified are East Midlands, Milton Keynes, Glasgow, Dublin, Manchester, Stevenage, Luton, or Hemel Hempstead. The enterprise will conduct a market analysis to determine which one is the most suitable and viable. The firm is highly reputed because it dominates and controls most of the customers who want to rent cars. The enterprise has branches in most cities and airports apart from the newly established cities and airports (Pasiuk 2006, p. 122). The firm buys its vans from the USA because its market coverage is expanding rapidly and the demand for US-made vehicles is high.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car's main focus is the local rental car market which has not been ventured by most competitors. It also focuses on the household who are employed and do not have personal cars. In addition, it focuses on car rentals to customers and potential customers who need their cars to be replaced (Grant 2009, p. 302). The enterprise wants to specialize in providing services for a short period such as leisure or short business trip to some tourists who visit the country.

The Enterprise Rent-A-Car has embarked on expanding its operations to include all the airports and major cities for it to gain a competitive advantage. It wants to expand to France and Ireland so that it can control the market. It has more than 900 offices in Canada for marketing and operation purposes (Pasiuk 2006, p. 123). The car rental market is becoming competitive due to its high-quality services that meet customer’ s needs at all times in the UK. Its services are distinct because it provides short term holiday and vocational services or products for special occasions and breaks.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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