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Enterprise Rent-A-CarIntroduction The enterprise rent-a-car is a well known company in the United States and has expanded in major areas of UK. However, the company has one major objective of establishing a new Branch in North London area near Bedford, Wartford and other areas. This is to show that the company is still growing and it has had massive achievements over the past 50 years or so. It is well known as one of the largest companies in the world for renting cars. The ultimate aim of this project report is to evaluate the possibility of likelihood of coming up with a new branch in the north of London and the South-East region, a local area surrounded by Bedford, Watford, Stevenge and Aylesbury (Central Leighton Buzzard Council).

The paper also examines the demand for hire vehicles in this area as well as looking for the possible sites where the branch can be located. It involves costing out the branch setting and its profitability as well as reaching the conclusion on the feasibility of the proposal. Note that all these are aimed at reaching the objectives of the company which are profitability, customer service, expansion of the vehicle fleet as well as employee development.

Possible location for the siteIn order to come up with a good strategy that can meet all the objectives of the enterprise, it is important to consider certain factors concerning the location of the new branch of the company. The location of this site should be more suitable for the customers’ pick-up service permits and it should be able to reach the customers in a short period of the travel time.

This means that this location should be near or at the residential accommodation areas they serve and at centers of business (Central Leighton Buzzard Council). Therefore, it should be on a busy road and with high visibility especially where the traffic queues to enhance the identification of the vehicle’s signage by the occupants. However, the branch location should not be near the industrial areas where there are preferably car body shops or other businesses. It is better if the branch is located near some head offices of national companies as well as other large employers nearby.

This increases the chances of the vehicle hiring process thus increasing the company’s profitability. The branch should also contain a footprint of not less than 1000 square feet to ensure there is an ample space for the vehicle storage, low neighbors upset risks by the noise from the vehicles and enough for car washing facilities. There were a number of locations selected including Buckinghamshire, Bedford, Central Bedfordshire, Luton, Leighton Buzzard, Milton Keynes, Hertfordshire, Three Rivers, Chiltern, Northampton shire, Hertsmere among other locations.

Note that almost all these locations contains up to 80 percent of the required specifications. Therefore, it is difficult to select one location out of all these (Quick, 2005). However, the best of all that had all the qualifications above including enough space that rules out most of the other places is the Leighton Buzzard. It is large enough as it covers about 5.2 kilometer squared and it proves to be large in comparison to the other locations around like the East Hertfordshire 002 that is about 4.5 square kilometers.

This means that it has enough and ample space where the vehicles may be stored, washed and serviced. It is also suitable because the anticipated place where the vehicle storage may be situated is a bit far from the residence houses meaning that it cannot affect them in one way or the other. For example, the noise made by the vehicles cannot affect them since they are somehow far.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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