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The paper "Enterprise Resource Planning" is a great example of a report on business. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) can be described as software for business process management that enables a company to make use of integrated applications system so as to computerize lots of back-office functions associated with human resources and technology and also to manage the business (Dechow & Mouritsen, 2005). As mentioned by Dechow and Mouritsen (2005), ERP systems incorporate every feature of business operation, such as manufacturing, development, product planning, sales as well as marketing. In this case, the best-suited type of ERP system for business enterprise relies on the business size as well as the functions supporting the requirements of the business.

Basically, all types of ERP systems have a software component, a hardware component, as well as a component for process documentation. Normally, ERP systems cover a number of organizational aspects; for instance, ERP systems can human resources, cover quality control, production, parts ordering, in addition to manufacturing engineering. The essay seeks to introduce SAP, a type of ERP system by providing a brief history, market effectiveness, and easiness of implementing it. Body SAP is ERP software created by SAP SE, a Germany-based company, and it integrates the crucial functions of the business within an organization.

SAP ERP 6.0, the most recent version was introduced in the market in 2006. SAP provides two solutions; the first is the R/3 suite and the second is the B1 suite. In this case, the R/3 suite can be described as an integrated software system supporting the whole lot from very big companies to exceedingly small businesses. Importantly, the R/3 suite can be customized so as to meet the particular needs of the company, and it utilizes client-server network architecture, functional in a range of platforms, such as OS/400, Windows Server as well as, Unix.

Furthermore, the R/3 suite may be put into practice by means of numerous database packages, such as DB2, SQL Server, or Oracle (Jie, 2009). On the other hand, the B1 suite is more targeted at SME businesses and it provides pre-built modules for reporting, Electronic commerce purchasing, warehousing, finance, and customer relationship management.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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