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The paper "Entertainment and Arts Marketing" is a worthy example of a marketing assignment. Global marketing is an imperative venture for any organization that seeks to appeal to a wider market in the twenty-first century. Art exhibition business has important features such as location, hospitality techniques, contents arrangement and product features that either affects the business positively or negatively. Art exhibitions business has been going through various issues that need to be taken note of by marketers therein. (Baker, 2000) Introduction Since the onset of the nineteenth century, there has been a remarkable acceleration of globalization in developed and developing nations.

This has been precipitated by significant changes such as improved information technology. Many organizations or businesses no longer look at the national market but seek to reach out to the wider population in other nations. (Blythe, 2001) In order to achieve this goal, global marketing is inevitable. This paper, therefore, expounds on an issue in entertainment and arts marketing. This includes an overall review of the situation. There is also the elaboration of key areas as pertains to entertainment and arts.

Finally, the paper illustrates the resultant implications for marketers. Review of the current situation Art exhibitions are places where different artifacts are flaunted to be viewed by interested parties. These could include pieces of sculptures, drawings, antiquity, clothing, pictures or even music. This is sometimes displayed in art galleries, museums and art clubs among other places. (Cinchona and Ronkainen, 2005) An overall analysis of the art exhibition industry shows that it is facing some challenges. One aspect that is quite evident in this business is that its marketing strategies are not at par with global marketing expectations.

There are various channels that businesses that are expected to reach out to the global market are supposed to use in order to appeal to a wider market. (Dale, 2006) This has not been effectively utilized. The majority of art exhibitions in the United States are known to use advertisement channels that are not quite global in nature. For instance, many of the museums are rarely advertised on global television channels. This is a problem that needs to be thoroughly looked into if the business is to experience success in a tough global economy.

Unlike other business sectors, this arts and entertainment sector is somehow slow in reaching out to customers from different nations to purchase and even view different antiques. (Baker, 2000) Museums and other art exhibitions do not invest a lot of financial resources in carrying out online marketing. This is a very viable and up to date channel that is reaching many people and one that improves any business’ s customer base. Price is a very important component of any marketing. (Lancaster and Massingham, 1999) This can be used to attract customers.

Art galleries are not using this component to market their services and products.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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