Essays on Entrepreneur in the Hospitality and Resort Industry Assignment

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The paper "Entrepreneur in the Hospitality and Resort Industry" is a perfect example of a business assignment. The success of the entrepreneurs depends on the skills of the entrepreneurs. Before staring and entrepreneurship venture, it is important to interview the successful entrepreneurs in the relevant field so that the entrepreneur can understand the skills and techniques which are required to make the entrepreneurship venture a success (Timmons & Spinelli 2007). In this regard, this report will provide the interview conducted on the entrepreneur in the hospitality and resort industry. Step I The researcher aims to find concepts regarding the success of the resort.

In this effect, the entrepreneur wants to collect some important ideas regarding hospitality and resort management. In this context, I seek your appointment so that I can interview you regarding the basic facts about the success of the resort because the interviewer is also interested to start the resort organization. I will only need one hour between 5 o’ clock and 6 o’ clock. Step 2 The questions that will be asked will be directly related to the entrepreneur and they include how the venture started and the resources that were required to make it a success.

Moreover, the questions regarding how the entrepreneur managed to identify the business opportunity will also be asked as well as the critical success factors. Step 3 The interview was conducted according to the agreed questions as follows. Q 1 The interviewee responded that before starting the venture he was just a student when he was inspired by someone who was successful in the resort industry. The inspiring individual was a success in the resort industry because he had collected adequate data regarding the resort management.

In this effect, before starting the venture the successful resort organizations influenced the decision of the entrepreneur. At the start time of the project, the parents of the entrepreneur had no skills and experience in the resort and hotel industry but the experience from the mentor and the theoretical skills in the entrepreneurship education helped to start the venture and make it successful. The interviewee also had role models at the time of starting the venture. The entrepreneur visited the entrepreneurs who had succeeded in the resort industry who acted as role models and helped to provide basic skills for the entrepreneur.

In addition, at the start of the business, the entrepreneur responded that he had no much experience but had the theoretical experience. The education level possessed was the first degree in entrepreneurship. The education level was so helpful because it helped the entrepreneur be able to implement the theoretical skills into practical experience and this helped to identify the business opportunity. At the time of the start of the venture, the entrepreneur responded that had little experience in marketing.

However, the entrepreneur had learnt some skills in marketing which had to practice to ensure that the venture was a success by creating its awareness to the customers. Based on the role models, the entrepreneur managed to become interested because of the income the entrepreneurs were making as well as how the venture was being managed effectively. This made the entrepreneur be interested in entrepreneurship so that he can be self-employed.


Timmons, Jeffry & Spinelli, Stephen, New Venture Creation: Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century. McGraw Hill Irwin, New York, New York, 7th edition. 2007.
Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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