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Essays on Doug Perkins and Specsavers - Strategic Planning and Use of the Financing and Entrepreneurial Firms to Great Success Case Study

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The paper “ Doug Perkins and Specsavers - Strategic Planning and Use of the Financing and Entrepreneurial Firms to Great Success ” is a   well-turned example of the case study on business. Doug Perkins was born in Llanelli though he has most of his life been in Ammanford, Australia. In his early years, he worked in boxing early which was amongst the smallest in his home town. This was before he worked as an optometrist in the neighborhood. He ventured into other tasks such as being a doorman for a cabaret club and being a player in the local rugby club.

Mary Perkins, his wife was born in Bristol. They both met at Cardiff University as they studied to become opticians. Both of them are in the top management of the company with Doug being the chairman and Mary taking care of among other things customer relations. The first optician's practice for the couple was opened in Bristol. From this first venture, the couple opened up a small chain and later came to sell the business for two million pounds and moved to Guernsey.

A little while later, they got back to the same old business but this time with Specsavers. The first bases for the Specsavers company were based in Guernsey and Bristol. They later ventured into Plymouth, Swansea, and Bath. The company is up until today privately managed as a family business. The company is managed as a joint venture where the couple owns a fifty percent stake in all the outlets and the remaining part of the company is owned by the other local opticians. The company has over time grown to be the biggest of its kind in the UK controlling 70 percent of the local market for the sale of spectacles and 30% of the market in dealing with contact lenses.

The company is now making a huge sale from spectacles totaling to over 1Billion annually. The company also boasts of outlets in quite some countries including Finland, Australia, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Ireland. This paper will seek to establish some of the entrepreneurial strong points that Doug Perkins has applied to make his business a success.

In essence, the paper will look into the ways in which Doug Perkins managed to effectively realize the idea get able to have the right sources of financing for his venture.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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