Essays on Entrepreneur Analysis - Levi Strauss Case Study

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The paper "Entrepreneur Analysis - Levi Strauss" is a perfect example of a business case study. Levi Strauss is one of the most notable and paramount of all times. He is widely known for the production of the current American garment-blue jeans (Downey, 2014). He was born in 1829 to Hirsch Strauss and Rebecca Haas Strauss in Germany. He died in 1902 after he had established and steered Levi Strauss & Co. in San Francisco, California (Downey, 2014). At the age of 18 years, together with mother, they moved to the United States of America to join his siblings that had already set up shop in New York City; J.

Strauss Brother & Co. the opportunity to travel abroad formed the basis of his business carrier. After parting ways with his sister and went to Louisville, Kentucky, he started off by selling his brother’ s supplies in the region prior to acquiring American citizenship in 1853 (Downey, 2014). In the course of the year, his extended family-Rebecca was second wife-embarked on opening other branches in the country and the most notable one being the West Coast branch that focused on extending the family dry goods business in San Francisco, which went further to be a commercial focal point of the California Gold Rush.

Levi Strauss was immediately selected to represent the family in this business and was thus required to travel to San Francisco where he later joined with his sister’ s family. It is while conducting his duties at the business venture that Strauss decided to launch his own enterprise; Levi Strauss & Co (Downey, 2014). The company focused on operating as a wholesale business dealing in the distribution of dry goods.

It set to import fine dry goods like clothing, bedding and combs from his established siblings in New York City. He also made tents and later embraced jeans fashion production. He sold most of the dry goods imports to small stores that were now coming up in larger numbers in the entire California section as well as the entire West. He launched his enterprise in 90 Sacramento Street; a location that offered distinctive proximity to the waterfront, which came in handy for him to receive and thereafter distribute these dry goods that had arrived by ship from his brother in New York (Downey, 2014).



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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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