Essays on Gillian Franklin as Entrepreneur Case Study

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The paper "Gillian Franklin as Entrepreneur" is a great example of a business case study. Over the recent past, the Heat Group has hit the headlines as one of the examples of success. This is in the provision and distribution of personal care brands. All this is due to the toil and struggle of Gillian Franklin, a lady who has gone through leaps and bounds to build a company that has earned global recognition. Following a period of teaching financial independence to young girls for a period of three, she earned the motivation to practice what she had been teaching the girls.

Her motivation, in this case, arrived after undertaking a career for 20 years as a director in other companies. She took this as a challenge towards self-empowerment. She wanted to be her own manager and work under her own hours and with respect to this become independent to the greatest levels possible. As an entrepreneur, she started up a business with the goal of creating change in society but ended up impacting the whole country. With respect to the ideas that she had of starting up her own business, she raised an amount of $3 million as the startup capital.

She then sought for the best people to make up her board to aid her in the ideas crucial for the business. Due to the fact that she wanted a company that would be generally hot, bold and strong, she thought that the best name that she would use with respect to this was The Heat Company. During the first year after the commencement of the operations of the entity, things at the corporation were undertaken at a superbly fast speed.

This was due to the zeal for operations that she had. In this period, therefore, she started by hiring 35 people to aid her in her activities. The family of Gillian Franklin has come in handy on the road to her success. Being a mother, she was under intense pressure on the management of her business and her family without neglecting either of the two. Being a mother and a wife, she did not believe in subjecting her three daughters to child support.

This is because she felt that the children would be denied the comfort that they deserved from their mother. At an early age, the children had a living caterer who lived with them.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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