Essays on Analysis of Constantine Fsrantzeskos, Australian Entrepreneur in BRW 2015 List Case Study

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The paper "Analysis of Constantine Fsrantzeskos, Australian Entrepreneur in BRW 2015 List" is a good example of a management case study.   BRW fast starters is a list prepared every year that contains businesses in Australia that are growing at a fast rate, though started lately (Australia Government: Department of foreign affairs and trade 2016). For a business to be listed in BVR fast start-ups it has to be operating for less than three years. Its revenue in the current year must be more than the previous year. It must have less than 200 full-time employees and more than one customer.

(Eisenmann 2013) says that PENSO is one of the companies that were listed in the BRW starters list in 2015. Its founder, a renowned marketing strategist Constantine Frantzeskos was born in January 1976 in Melbourne Australia. His career in marketing and communication started when he was 13 years of age when he moved crowds in a family’ s night club for the underaged. Since then he has laid foundations in the sector of marketing and communication. PENSO was started in 2012 with its headquarters in Melbourne and it has opened a new office in Dubai where their operations in marketing, branding and communication take place.

It has more than 17 staff in its two offices which are in Australia and Dubai (Hoffman2012). PENSO usually dig deeply to their clients’ businesses in order to know their refinements of value and insights. Through this, they are able to develop or come up with strategies which improve the client’ s marketing and communication of their businesses (Hoffman2012). The company develops guidelines for brands so as to communicate them using the best channels.

Being a startup in the digital world, PENSO develops sites, applications software and intranets that inspires customers and facilitate the continuity of their businesses. They collect feedback from their customers in order to be able to track the progress of their work in Australia and the rest of the world. Background information on Constantine Frantzeskos Constantine Frantzeskos was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1976. His family had a nightclub in the place where Constantine started developing his talent in marketing and communication at the age of thirteen (Livingstone 2008).

Constantine is an experienced marketer having been in the sector for twenty-three years. He has been holding positions in global leadership positions in different international companies such as Edelman Digital, Dentsu Media, DDB and Ogilvy among others. He has been able to create successful communications, digital transformation initiatives and marketing in several brands such as coca-cola, Emirates, Toyota and Hilton all over the world (Australia Government: Department of foreign affairs and trade 2016). This makes Constantine a digital marketing strategist who is experienced and successful. Constantine has marketing experience in many places of the world such as Australia, Asia, Middle East, North America and Europe where he has developed and help in forming emerging markets.

His marketing and communication work was recognized in January 2016 when he was appointed to the board of LauchVic a company owned by a Victorian government with the aim of making Australia topmost destination for startups, scale-ups and entrepreneurs. Hoffman (2012) says that in the year 2012, Constantine founded PENSO a company that deals with developing marketing strategies, branding, designing as well as advertising.

Constantine was educated at Monash University; he graduated with a degree in economics.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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