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The paper "How Did I Become an Entrepreneur" is an outstanding example of a business essay. The Entrepreneurship 6349 course has really transformed me into an entrepreneur in various ways. First, I have learned and plan to improve on skills such as creativity, innovation and effective communication. I have also developed an appreciation of management training in finance, human resource, strategy development and marketing skills. Entrepreneurs need to be effective all-rounded managers who can transform ideas into successful enterprises (Al-Mubaraki et al, 2014). The unit’ s readings including “ One simple Idea” have been vital sources of theoretical concepts and knowledge about entrepreneurship to me.

I have also gained substantially from the biweekly workshops that have addressed developments in the world of entrepreneurship and business in the modern world. The Unit has made me even more interested in great entrepreneurial stories as my sources of inspiration. In this journal, I have discussed various elements of the Entrepreneurship 6349 unit and how they have made me adopt an entrepreneurial mindset and approach to doing business. Skills, Knowledge, and attributes required to be an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur is very different from starting and running a small business.

Entrepreneurship entails coming up with creative ideas that solve every-day problems in society. Entrepreneurs are naturally gifted with creativity and the ability to transform innovative ideas into successful businesses. An entrepreneur must have financial, marketing and human resource skills to transform an idea or an abstract concept into a profitable business. The most difficult part of a business is during its transition from an idea or concept into a real business that can generate revenue or achieve a social course.

This means that the entrepreneur just has attributes such as the courage to take risks and remain loyal to original ideas. Entrepreneurs must also exhibit assertive leadership in their young businesses in order to rally people around a vision, strategy, and cultural orientation that are likely to realize the dream the entrepreneur has in mind.


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