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The paper “ Climate Smart Business” is a worthy variant of the case study on business. Social entrepreneurship represents a novel form of organization that reflects a time of social change. It entails the practice of integrating opportunities, resourcefulness, and innovation to address environmental and social challenges. Social entrepreneurship creates social value through innovation with a high degree of economic significance and participant orientation. Social entrepreneurs accomplish sustainable, systemic, and large-scale social change via the novel invention and a meticulous application of known strategies and technologies. Focusing on Climate Smart Business Inc, this essay evaluates the contribution of social entrepreneurship.

The essay also highlights the differences in entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship besides underscoring the differences between the business planning models used in social enterprises and profit-based enterprises. Climate Smart Business Inc is a social enterprise based in British Columbia Climate (Smart Business Inc, 2017). The enterprise was established in 2007 with the aim of helping medium-sized enterprises to track and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The enterprise does not only help SMEs to lower their greenhouse gas emissions, but also develop a resilient economy and reinforce their businesses.

With the acknowledgment that SMEs are the engines of local economies, Climate Smart believes that the innovative sector can take a crucial role in addressing climate change and help the world in attaining a low-carbon future. The social enterprise works with over thirty host partners and involves over eight-hundred businesses in profitably reducing and tracking their carbon emissions. The enterprise focuses on attaining an impressive eleven percent reduction in emissions. It works with diverse sectors of the economy and believes that businesses must be engaged in finding improved and less carbon-intensive ways to produce and distribute commodities in order to address climate change adequately.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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