Essays on Entrepreneurship and Innovation: The Premium Gym Business Plan

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The paper "Entrepreneurship and Innovation: The Premium Gym" is a wonderful example of a business plan. Mission statement premium Gym aims at providing the best services that will meet the community need for a healthy lifeVisionPremium Gym offers a holistic approach in exercise aiming at improving health awareness in the society alongside very strong commercial opportunities. GoalThe main goal is a generation of revenue through the provision of gym facilitiesThe goal- to reduce cases of obesity, suicide, homicides, and accidents among members of Sydney, Australia. values facility will be run on the following core values: integrity, hard work, honesty, service Objectives).

Provide physical fitness programs to the community thus reduce obesity instances). To provide counseling and training needs for the unfit individuals in the community as well as other members to reduces cases of homicides and suicides). To provide the Improvement of the physical health of the individuals of the community). The organization targets to have generated half of the money granted within the first two months). To establish a recreational facility for leisure and fun Introduction In the modern world, the rate at which people are suffering from lifestyle-related diseases is increasing at an alarming rate.

Due to changes in eating habit and lack of body exercises, many people are suffering from lifestyle-related conditions like diabetes, obesity among many other diseases. Obesity has become a great issue that needs serious attention. The government as well as the world at large should be aiming at curbing the existence of obesity in our society. Obesity has become a global issue that needs serious attention. Today, the condition cuts across all ages, and even children are most hit as early as ten years of age.

Due to changes in lifestyle, most people are busy and rarely engage themselves in activity related exercises coupling with the high-fat containing meals. Due to the increasing number of obesity-related cases in modern society, there is a need of coming up with ways whereby the community members will be required to engage in exercise-related ways to improve their health and health behaviors. '  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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