Essays on Entrepreneurship and Innovation Essay

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The paper "Entrepreneurship and Innovation" is a worthy example of a case study on business. After embarking with other students, on the journey of various types of innovation, we decided to come up with one innovation problem, which in my view requires an innovative answer. The challenge was how to get rid of rodents like rats and mice without causing harm to human beings. I developed an idea of coming up with new equipment for catching and killing rodents.   This apparatus is in the form of a robot, which will lure and trap using a specific sound.

Human beings will not notice this sound. The idea is monopolized. The moment the rat is trapped, the equipment, which I call RATrap, will deal with it in a healthful manner that it will not have any hazardous effects on human beings. After disposing of the rat, the RATrap does self-cleaning to eradicate the spreading of illnesses to any human being who may touch it. RATrap can work for the whole day and go for thirty days on a set of batteries. I have established an operating model hence calling the equipment RATrap.

I would like to set up a business and sell this new rattrap in the whole world. RATrap offers a radical solution to a challenge that has prevailed ever because human beings and rodents have shared their space. Truth be told, human beings cannot put up with rats or any kind of rodents for the mere reason that rodents are not clean and can transmit diseases. They get into humans' space by any small portion available so as to search for food, not to mention that rodents are as well all frightening. There are various current ways of catching rats and mice.

These are conventional traps, using poison or even using other animals like cats to eat them. All these ways have their limitations and have shown minimal success in offering solutions for rodents eradication. This is so absolute in areas invested with many rodents like rats and mice. Such areas are found in the farms and open fields. These many rodents bring a much-debilitated habitat for people living around there. Such areas are the ones RATrap is targeting throughout the world.

This is because RATrap will solve the problem in an appropriate healthy manner. People who reside around these areas will pay the 150 dollars price for the RATrap due to its advantageous sanitary benefits as well as time-saving. This means that those people who will purchase a RATrap will never have to throw away a single rat or even mouse. RATrap is easily maintained and it is cheap to use as a set of batteries will last for a whole month regardless of how many rodents are captured. This equipment works by producing a sound like that of a flute.

This sound can not be heard by human beings. RATraps can be produced for 50 dollars per unit once they are many. This will administer a surplus that enables the firm to be more successful once it goes through the equalize stage.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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