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The paper "Number of Falcons UEA Sports, Reared and Treated in UEA" is an outstanding example of a management research proposal. The group consists of six members; Abdulla Al Mazrouei, Ali Al Hammadi, Mohammed Hareb Mohammed Ahmed Khamis Al Roumathi Ahmed Mussabeh their responsibility include business secretary, manager, treasurer, assistant treasurer, organizing chair and assistant manager respectively. The responsibility was assigned based on what each person preferred. Ideas suggested by group members As a group we decided to venture into the legal money-making business, there were six different business ideas which include, running a fast food shop, running equipment supplies shop, engaging in the video gaming business, running a beauty shop, fashion design, interior deco design consultancy.

The ideas originated from a group member, who after critically examining the situation came up with them. We only needed one business idea but we didn’ t want a situation where the opinions of every person were not heard. Idea selection process The ideas underwent a selection process to identify the most suitable idea that is not only viable but the one we had knowledge about and did not require most capital to start.

A critical examination of running a fast food shop showed that there are a lot of requirements needed, such as a medical examination report and neither of us has the report or stand a chance of getting it another thing was that it would be expensive to hire professionals in this field. Interior deco design and consultancy were rejected after finding out that the knowledge we have of different design outside UEA were limited also the business is flooded and probably very competitive.

Video gaming business ideas did not go far since most people nowadays have invested in the business and most expect users prefer playing at home and organizing an online video gaming with remote participants would be costly for us. Fashion changes every now and then, coping with this rate is expensive since it requires that one should heavily invest in the business for goods returns.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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