Essays on Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development Assignment

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The paper "Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development" is a wonderful example of an assignment on business. Through determination and relentless efforts, many people have risen across the business ranks to become successful entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship involves the search for business opportunities amid risks and uncertainties with the main objective of maximizing profits. Through risk-taking, entrepreneurs succeed as they take a path that most businesspersons shy away from undertaking. Although the risks involved in the process of entrepreneurship may be enormous, more often than not, those who have the courage to chart new paths of innovation and creativity normally reap the benefits that accrue (Henderson, Sutherland & Turley 2000, p.

84). Entrepreneurship skills are a very significant tool as far as the development of small businesses is concerned. Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs), start with modest capital outlays on many occasions before growing through certain attributes injected by the concerning entrepreneurship. In order for one to be a successful entrepreneur, they ought to possess at least most of the certain entrepreneurship attributes namely, innovation, leadership, invention, change, and creativity. Some of the theories backing this idea include the neoclassical theory (Chakraborty 2006,  p.

17). A classic example of a successful entrepreneur who started from a humble business setup is Mark Zuckerberg, who together with his partners founded the most popular social networking site, Facebook. This paper evaluates the role of entrepreneurship in the development of small business enterprises by looking at some scholarly work on entrepreneurship and SMEs after which it presents Facebook as a practical example and concludes by a final analysis of the practical example in relation to the literature reviewed. Literature review A number of scholars have presented various studies concerning entrepreneurship and its role in starting up and developing of small businesses.

They all in one voice acknowledge the fact that entrepreneurs have to factor in certain entrepreneurial attributes in order for their businesses to prosper. This section critically reviews all the relevant literature concerning entrepreneurship and small business development.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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