Essays on NewCo Business Plan Analysis Assignment

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The paper "NewCo Business Plan Analysis" is a great example of a Business assignment. A business plan is an important document considered by both investors and entrepreneurs when seeking to invest in a business. This tool aids the entrepreneurs in setting milestones and determining the number of risks that are expected of them when undertaking a business idea.   Through the business plan, entrepreneurs can describe the products or services, set long and short-term goals, get an insight into the industry, and have an overview of what the budget of the venture may be as both in the initial and advanced stages.

Entrepreneurs are therefore liable to conduct due diligence on a business plan to identify the missing points that need consideration before investing in a business. The process of due diligence on a business plan scrutiny of its strengths and limitations or weaknesses and coming up with a proposal of how the business plan can be revamped to suit the entrepreneur or investor. Due-Diligence for NewCo Business Plan (An Entrepreneurial View-point) The due diligence on the NewCo business plan engages three major steps: statement, strengths and weaknesses, and proposal for improving the plan. Statement                       We are entrepreneurs who seek to start a business like NewCo that is going to operate in Kenya.

As entrepreneurs, there are few specifics that we expect to include or exclude in a business plan.           Strength and Weaknesses of NewCo Business Plan Strengths                       The business plan has a plethora of features that appear to sum up as its strengths. First off, the plan has an executive summary that highlights the major points of the report is a summary form making it easier to predict what to expect in the plan.

Moreover, the plan gives an expanded view of what the market really looks like and uses a language that is simple to understand. Additionally, the section is also systematic and illustrates the contents lucidly section through the section. Secondly, the business plan also has a project background. The project background sets a rationale for the business plan by giving specifics of the setting where the business will be located.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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