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The paper "Entrepreneurship Tasks" is a good example of a Business assignment. The entrepreneurship research field has widely flourished and grown in recent years. Something which began as a tiny seed more than 25 years back is now advancing to maturity (McMullen & Acs, 2007). Nonetheless, despite the broad interest, this field has gotten recently, debates and discussions concerning the key aspects of entrepreneurship research are continuing.   In the recent past, Parnell and Lester (2007, p. 75) argued that entrepreneurship research has majorly centered on assessment of the entrepreneurial opportunities and converting such opportunities to successful businesses.

In the process, several businesses have been spotted by keen and enthusiastic entrepreneurs in their localities as they attempt not only to solve societal needs but also to make themselves successful (Holcombe, 2003, p. 28). Therefore, this report will define and describe an “ Entrepreneurial Opportunity” for the chose company Healthy Habits. The report will also identify the key problems the company Healthy Habits wants to address. In the process, the report will also develop a mini-case that will talk about the company in focus and analyze it using elements of stage 6 of the framework such as protection, value proposition, sources of finance, stakeholder analysis, and team. Entrepreneurial Opportunity           Shane and Venkataraman (2000, p.

221) described the entrepreneurial opportunity as "a case where new services or products, organizing methods and raw materials can be developed and launched into the market at a higher cost than that of production. Such opportunities are regarded as objective cases, although their being is not recognized by all the agents. In their argument, Shane and Venkataraman (2000, p. 224) argued that entrepreneurial opportunities focus on creating value by improving the effectiveness of producing and selling existing products and services.

Management theorists held that for entrepreneurship to happen, opportunity requires to be determined and capitalized.


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