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The paper “ Entrepreneurship Diary of Business Ideas” is a comprehensive example of a business essay. The online interactive software support and trainer is meant to provide interactive support to all computer users. The software will be designed in a simple manner to allow users to obtain technical support on various programs and applications that they will be using over the internet. By simply typing a question, users will be connected to an online support assistant who will be able to fully answer their questions. In addition, users will be provided with training on how to use most of the software and hardware components of their computers. This idea was the result of numerous times where I had scavenged the internet for user forums and text material for support on how to use some programs.

Some of the hardware components had often failed to work as expected prompting me to waste needless time over the internet seeking help. The help provided by these sites and forums was also not very clear resulting in frustration and innovation. On the innovativeness scale, I would give this idea an 8 because I consider it a very innovative idea.

It would essentially stem from a modification of another idea because the concept of an interactive online support system is not a new concept. There are many online platforms that offer help and support on various programs but not on the essential ones like Document processing and hardware use. This program will be relatively easy to implement and on the implementation scale, I would give it a rating of 6. This is because there are already programs that operate on the same principles that will be used to design this one.

However, a few key areas will need to be explored owing to the extensive content and information that will be included. The three main challenges that this business idea may encounter include staffing (Confederation College 47). Because the program relies largely on the concept of real-time interaction, it is expected that a set of staff will be available to cater to client's queries twenty-four hours a day. In addition, there will be a need to recruit staff from diverse backgrounds and experiences to cater to user's needs.

There will be economic challenges pertaining to meeting the demands of such type of staffing.

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