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The paper "Business Plan Enjoyable Travel Agency Based in Melbourne, Australia" is an outstanding example of a marketing case study.   “ Enjoyable Travel Agency” will be a full-service travel agency located in Melbourne suburbs in Australia. In order to launch the operations of this business successfully, the founders estimate that they will require a total of $119,250. The pioneers will invest $19,250 in the project and seek additional funding amounting to $100,000 from (insert the name of a suitable bank or other funding agency). 1.1 The company “ Enjoyable Travel Agency” is going to be a private, limited liability company organized in Melbourne by its founders.

The founders do not have prior experience in travel agency business but they have (state your qualifications that suite the posts you are going to take, example, in management) and general knowledge on tour business that will support him in operating the business. They also plan to enrol in tour and travel training course in order to obtain formal qualifications that will be vital in operating the business. 1.2 Services Enjoyable Travel Agency is going to sell inbound and outbound retail travel services and is going to specialize in adventure travel, targeting both recreational and business travellers.

A variety of services will be offered including destination packages, custom packages, car rentals, rail passage, airfares, reservations for lodgings, pre-arranged tours and consultations among others. 1.3 Business/Market strategy Our market analysis confirms that the strategy of the proposed business will be successful. The elements of the organization’ s strategy include an advertisement for our products and services through various types of media, offering sales discounts and giving promotions to our clients. 1.4 Financial projections The business projects $500,000 and $144,000 revenue and gross margin during the first year respectively, which are expected to achieve a positive growth during the next three years of operation.

These figures are expected to give an annual gross profit of $57,485 and a positive cash flow of $57,485.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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