Essays on How Will Coffee Lovers Ensure Maximum Customer Satisfaction Essay

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The paper “ How Will Coffee Lovers Ensure Maximum Customer Satisfaction? ” is a  good variant of an essay on marketing. The growth and development in technology have affected all businesses which have made the grocery industry look towards a transformation and follow an online portal for the sale of goods and services. This has made organizations look towards developing a framework where they make the required changes. This report looks into the business plan for Coffeelovers. com which is looking to open new stores at Australian University. The main reason for choosing Australia is the rapidly growing population and rising disposable income which provides an opportunity to catch on along with increasing customer base provides an opportunity to work on. The new operator will use the name Coffeelovers. com as it will give a feel that the retail sector has transformed and is using the web for conduction business.

Also, the manner in which the business has grown over the years provides an opportunity to tap on. The new business is looking to ensure that the required government formalities are complied with and has looked towards identifying the objectives and mission based on which the business will be conducted.

This has made Coffeelovers. com look towards every section of the society as their products are priced in such a manner that an average person can look to avail the services (Czinkota & Ronkainen, 2004). The company in this report presents the manner in which delivery has been laid stress upon. Since the industry has to ensure that fresh and consumable food is supplied so Coffeelovers. com has looked to open depot over different regions. Based on it the budget has been allocated and special consideration has been made to ensure that the goods are delivered on time (Chew, Cheng & Petrovic-Lazarevic, 2006). This has made Coffeelovers. com look towards hiring the best talent and ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

The company thereby has looked to used different modes of transport and is looking to educate and provide the required training to its employees so that they are able to carry forward the vision and mission statement of the company. This has made Coffeelovers. com look towards a marketing strategy where they look towards advertising about their company.

Increased penetration of computers will help Coffeelovers. com as it will help to get business from far-flung areas. Also looking to advertise aggressively will help to spread their name quickly and will help the management to have a strategy that will help the business to grow. The company while marketing has ensured that they keep up the quality and look towards delivering the products on time so that customers look towards the services again and again. Coffeelovers. com is a new concept in Australia, so promoting the business is of prime importance in the initial stages of the business and advertising plays a major role in it (Bangs, 2002).

This has made them develop their business model both for the customers and other business which will rapidly transform into increased business. The company Coffeelovers. com has laid stress upon minute details and has ensured that customers once entered into the system can use the same information again and again thereby limiting the amount of work to be done. This has helped them to design the collection mode accordingly and has helped to ensure that goods are delivered and money collected at the earliest thereby reducing the chances of bad debts.      

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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