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The paper "Marketing Plan for Ultimate Choice Tours and Travel Ltd" is an excellent example of a case study on marketing. The proposed name of the travel agent shall be Ultimate choice tours and travel services. The name has been chosen due to the following reasons; It is easy to read and remember, it also sounds business-like, and customers may, therefore, feel proud to be associated with the company. The name is also unique as no other company is currently using it. This will easily distinguish us from our competitors and given the level of services, we intend to provide, this is likely to become a household name among travelers (Peterson, 2006). We intend to provide high-class travel services to our customers and provide new services that are not currently being provided by the current service providers.

Therefore we see our company eventually becoming the ultimate choice for travelers and hence the choice of the name ultimate choice travel and tour services. It can be translated into many languages and since we intend to provide travel services not only in Australia but also internationally in the end, we found the name is appropriate (Pinson, 2004). Ultimate tours and travel services limited will be situated in Sydney’ s Central Business District’ s George Street.

Its directors are Chris Charleston, Jane Atkinson and Ibrahim Raj in Sydney. Ultimate Choice tours and travel limited commences operations in 2012 with the aim of providing tours and travel services to tourists as well as high profile domestic clients. 2.1 Mission and Vision Vision: To provide high-quality tours and travel services to our clients. Mission: To become a market leader in the travel business of the larger tours and travel industry by providing quality services that surpass our client’ s expectations. 2.2 Strengths and core competencies: Offering low-cost services as compared to our competitors. Employing highly skilled personnel for the management of the firm. All the directors are professionals in various fields, which gives the company a competitive edge over our competitors. 3.0 Market Analysis The tourism industry is today undergoing a rapid expansion of unrivaled nature resulting from the easing of foreign exchange policy and macroeconomic policy aimed at reviving the industry.

In addition, sound economic policies by the government have resulted in economic growth, which has greatly boosted the travel industry performance.

For instance, the present drive by the federal government about moving away from an agricultural-based economy to a diversified one gives an opportunity to Ultimate Tours and travel to give an important contribution in helping achieve the goal. All-Inclusive market research reveals that a gap exists in the industry and hence the need for Travel business that will focus on offering leisure tours to tourists in the high profile and international travelers segments. Although other travel companies have been in operation for a long time, there exists a market need for a company that provides luxury travel and adventure to tourists.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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