Essays on Relationship between Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Performance Assignment

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The paper "Relationship between Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Performance" is a wonderful example of an assignment on management. Entrepreneurship and innovation have widely flourished and grown in recent years (Parnell and Lester 2007, p. 75). This paper tells that the face of entrepreneurship has changed as companies do not just involve in entrepreneurial activities but also funds startups and individuals entrepreneurs who have the potential for success. Therefore, drawing from Crunchbase and other literature, this paper will identify and review of 10 venture-capital-backed startups that are pursuing high potential leading-edge entrepreneurial opportunities in the marketplace.

Some of the startups that will be discussed include WhatsApp, Business Insider, Google Ventures, TransGaming, LinkedIn, Otto, Sequoia Capital, Triangle Peak Partners, True Ventures, and CrunchFund. WhatsApp Description of the business and the funding secured by the venture As the paper outlines, CrunchBase described WhatsApp Messenger as the cross-platform, freeware, and an instant messaging app that is developed for smartphones (AlAbdullah, Paivenen & Kline 2016). However, WhatsApp now works on desktops. Statt (2016) pointed out that WhatsApp Inc is a company that was started in 2009 in California, US, and has grown significantly and now has more than one billion subscribers.

The author of the paper states that in 2014, WhatsApp Inc was bought by Facebook Inc for roughly US$19.4 billion. As a start-up, the venture secured funding from one investor worth $60.25M (AlAbdullah, Paivenen & Kline 2016). Sequoia Capital which was the lead investor agreed to fund the WhatsApp project in three rounds. Market opportunity The author argues in a well-organized manner that despite internet messaging existing in other platforms like Facebook and Twitter, no company has developed an instant messaging where people could communicate in real-time.

Therefore, WhatsApp was created to fill the gap in the market (Brem 2011, p. 7).


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