Essays on Environment Impacts Of Tourism Assignment

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Economic impact to tourism in AsiaIntroductionIn the new millennium, the Asia Pacific region is most probably going to be identified as the leading region worldwide that is getting the greatest revenue from the tourist industry. In the past few years the tourist arrivals and receipts have been rising so rapidly in Asia than in any other place. In the period between 1980 and 1995, the tourists flow to the country was estimated to be around 15% which was higher than any other place in the world. Statistics reported by the World Tourism Organization (WTO) as at the year 1996 as compared to other countries worldwide.

The Asia pacific has been experiencing a lot of revenue and gaining market share in comparison to the Americans and the European regions which made them have a lower share hence making America a number two tourist region with approximately 229 million arrivals. Clearly this is a great observation that the tourism industry of Asia in the next few years will be extremely spectacular. Back in 1950’s, mass travel was very common among the Americans and the Europeans as they traveled allover the world but lately the interest has shifted to the Asian.

The region is now the most rich in the number of tourist (Cooper 2005). The middle class in Asia is coming out more and more in large numbers to join the Europeans and Americans in the skies to travel around the world and this has made the country to blossom even more. Most of the Asians travel for pleasure and to explore places they have never been as well as to carry out business across the borders.

The growth of the tourism industry in the country has been made a success by some very noticeable factors in the country. Asia is known to be having a very positive economic growth, and this increases its income hence making it even more enjoyable for the citizens because even the employment opportunities will rise with better payment. The leisure time is more enjoyable and greately entertaining because there are several sites where the people can visit and actually not even exhaust. There is also ease to travel around the country since there are very few restrictions that are put in place unless in very special occasions which is an advantage over other countries and this gives the tourists the freedom they so deserve.

The country has also established very clear and achievable strategies of promoting the industry all over the world hence attracting more tourists to visit the country and experience the benefits of tourism as advertised. Another strong factor that has led to the development of the industry is the recognition of the country’s government and it has received a lot of support from the body through the provision of the necessary facilities to make the tourism benefits to rise since they know it would bring back great revenue and growth to the country as well an increase in the foreign exchange earnings. Economic contribution of Tourism in Asia

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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