Essays on ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS : Gold Coast Five-star Accommodation Sector Assignment

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1.0 IntroductionNowadays, the recreational traveler is now looking out for tourist attractions that are natural and which give them the ability to explore the natural world. they are now seeking for an eco tour which is an individually guide tour which takes into consideration preservation and conservation issues as it seeks to five back to the local economy as it teaches the travelers about the culture and the nature of that area. The Gold Coast five star accommodation offers eco-tourist a wide and fantastic selection of its natural attractions as well as its eco-tourism sites.

It gives the tourist a chance to experience the city’s breath taking sceneries, swim with the dolphins, see the City’s natural wildlife, and be able to observe the star from an observatory as well as enjoy all pristine beauty of the country right from a natural cruise (Goldcoasthotels. com, 2012). This report seeks to conduct an environmental analysis of Gold Cost five star accommodation Eco-tourism Industry using Porters Model and PEST analysis as well as explore the strategic Issues facing the Gold Cost of Australia.

2.0 Industry DescriptionGeographic LocationGold Coast five star accommodations is in Queens Land city which is the sixth largest city in Australia and the most occupied non-city in Australia with a population of about 500.000 as well as a skyline which is greatly dominated by hotels and residential buildings. It is a major local as well as international tourist site which has an ever changing hotel sector which is one f the most significant pillar in the Australian eco-tourism industry. The Gold Coast five star accommodations is so developed and many tourists say that it’s a “tourist trap” due to its many skyscrapers as well as hotels which cover most of its iconic coastline of this beautiful city.

The city has over 200 main hotels as well as bed and breakfast and over six hundred restaurant which are an indication of the city’s great diversity (Goldcoasthotels. com, 2012). The city has a variety of attractions available to all including surfer’s paradise, cheap hotels for the budget travelers as well as the Gold Coast Five star hotel for the more discerning tourists. The city has very favorable climate with an average of about 830F during summer and about 65 0 F during winter The City’s beaches are very accessible to the tourist with the best surfing in Australia happening in the beaches of Gold Coast.

At the suburb of the city is surfer’s paradise which is very popular with many tourists as this suburb offers the best restaurant and night clubs as well as the best recreational and adventurous surfing. Gold Coast city has 35 accessible coastal beaches as well as over 530 miles navigable tidal waterways which form desirable tourist excursions (Gold Coast City council, 2012). .

Eco-tourismEco-tourism refers to the act of traveling to pristine and natural areas that have little or no negative effect on human beings. Ecotourism is more than just ordinary tourism as it goes beyond travelling for leisure and offers education to the tourists on ecological and environmental issues as well as preservation of the natural sites so as to ensure that the future generations will enjoy the same. Gold Coast has several eco-tourism attractions including bird watching, national parks, natural water ways, low impact destination beaches as well as other environmentally friendly and natural attraction sites for eco-tourists (Gold Coast City council, 2012).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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