Essays on Environmental Case Study On The 'Rolle Estate Office At Bicton Arena' Devon Case Study

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ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES AND ITS CONNECTION TO NEW BUILDING CULTURES AT PRESENTIntroductionThe world today faces a bunch of issues of economic situations that are bringing about the great changes in the society and the ways by which it actually faces new age progression towards the new era of modernization. These changes though are causing dreadful effects to the environment. The truth is, the more industrialized areas in the world there are, the lesser capable of supporting human life the earth becomes. This in turn causes the earth fever or most likely known as global warming.

Presently, major climate changes are occurring in a global measure thus affecting many ecological and environmental conditions in the planet. All of the evidently noticeably climate shifts phenomenon in the planet can be scientifically traced as effects of the rising global temperature brought by major changes in the Earth’s atmosphere. Ozone depletion caused by ascending pollution rate brought by industrial revolution of the humanity is determined to be the most influential factor for this phenomenon. Climate change resulting from a warmer Earth has been determined to posts many environmental effects.

Among of these is the rise in the global water level caused by the melting Polar Regions because of the hotter atmospheric conditions. This condition can adversely affect the water current resulting to the disruption of the balance of fresh water and salt water and the distribution of the oceanic temperature. In addition, atmospheric and meteorological activities namely typhoons, hurricanes, and tornadoes are also affected including the seasonal changes such as winter, monsoons, snow and summer. The rise in the Earth’s temperature and ozone depletion can also affect ecological and environmental aspects.

Ultraviolet radiation can damage human health through skin disorders and diseases, optical damage and others. Crop yields and forest productivity will be significantly decrease since hotter atmosphere will dry up farms land becoming hostile to vegetation, alter irrigation systems, and will ignite forest fires. The normal balance of oceanic ecology will also be damage because ozone depletion will result to increase in water’s temperature. This condition will lead to increase plankton production and will disrupt the water’s life-support system. Fisheries and other marine life will die due to suffocation, hot temperature, and lack of food resources.

Indeed, changes in Earth’ atmospheric condition and global temperature brought about by ozone depletion have many adverse effects on the capability of the planet to support life and their survival. Considerably, this truth then awakens the senses of the advocates of industrialization which includes the enthusiasts of modern establishments. Apparently, with the aim of continuously progressing towards modernization without actually contributing to the degrading situation of the earth at present, architects and modern builders have created possible ways to give way to modern eco architecture which welcomes innovative designs of building that are aimed in making a huge consideration on how the established buildings actually affect the environment of the society where the said built structures are situated.

For this reason, the researcher of this paper considered the Rolle Estate Office in Devon for study and examination in an aim of pinpointing the possible options that are available for modern establishers of building to adapt into so as to create more environmental friendly buildings that are not only ready to provide the users of the building what they need but are also capable of preserving the environment surrounding the said establishments.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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