Essays on The Hazards of Pollution in the United Arab Emirates Case Study

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The paper 'The Hazards of Pollution in the United Arab Emirates' is a wonderful example of an environmental studies case study. All the basic elements of life are dependent upon the purity and cleanliness of nature and surroundings. Nature is working through a beautiful balance of water, air, energy, and land reservoirs. The natural resources and reservoirs recycle themselves and provide their best benefits to the human population through their conservation qualities. But with the development and introduction of technology, these very natural elements and their conservation was shot badly. The contamination of the environment and natural elements through the introduction or induction of chemicals and other severe elements is regarded as pollution.

Similarly, induction of great levels of noise, smoke, and chemicals into air aggravates the air pollution; the induction of chemicals and wastage into water contaminates water, and so on and so forth. Likewise, the wastage of resources such as water, wood, energy reservoirs, natural resources of all kinds, results in aggravating of the environmental and pollution hazards. While the usage of these natural resources had its effects on nature and had some escalating effects on the increase of pollution, the issue came into glaring focus after the World War II, when the effects of the atomic bombs dropped by the United States were seen and felt with its most hideous after-effects.

Events like the Great Smog of 1952, in London also drew the attention of people to the scenario of the rising pollution. With the increasing effect of the pollution on climate and with the global warming effects rising and becoming reality, it is becoming very important to make constant efforts in this regard and curb the effects before they further shorten the life of planet Earth. The hazards of pollution are heavily affecting the developed countries and densely populated areas.

The United Arab Emirates, with its ever-increasing population, and a rapid investment that led to swift constructions, fast-changing lifestyles as well as the delving of governments into the land reservoirs has led to an aggravating environmental problem. The rapid digging of oil wells has also had its share in the problem and the traffic increase has also taken its toll on the already problematic situation.

Abu Dhabi, being one of the more populated areas and holding more attraction for investment has had more problems in this area as well. The traffic and the increasing number of oil and gas refineries around the area have made it heavily affected ones and it is all the riskier because most of the greenery and developed systems of water supply in the Emirates and especially in Abu Dhabi are artificially designed. It is the need of the hour to devise a comprehensive and all-encompassing design that smartly and comprehensively deals with all kinds of pollution creating elements.

The aim of the plan for the curbing of pollution should be to minimize the existing damaging elements as well as to diminish the making of it for times to come. From the different facets of pollution like air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, and ecological pollution to the further effects of developments, every aspect should be considered and taken into account for the implications and sustainability of the plan. Also, measures should be taken in such a plan to gauge its success and sustainability for all the sectors that it affects and influences.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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