Essays on Environmental Management Systems - Abu Dhabi Case Study

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The paper 'Environmental Management Systems - Abu Dhabi " is a perfect example of an environmental studies case study.   All the essential elements of life are reliant upon the transparency and cleanliness of life and surroundings. Nature is working from side to side a beautiful balance of water, air, and energy and earth reservoirs. The natural assets and reservoirs recover themselves and make available their best reimbursements to the human populace through their preservation qualities. However, with the improvement and opening of technology, these very natural rudiments and their preservation were shot poorly.

The blemish of surroundings and natural rudiments through the opening or induction of chemicals and other harsh elements is observed as pollution. In the same way, the introduction of immense levels of noise, smoke and chemicals into air exaggerates the air contamination; the initiation of chemicals and wastage into water contaminates water and so on and so forth. Similarly, the excess of resources such as water, wood, energy reservoirs, ordinary resources of all kinds, results in infuriating of the ecological and contamination hazards. At the same time as the usage of these natural resources had its effects on the environment and had some increasing effects on the increase of pollution, the issue came into conspicuous focus after the World War II, when the effects of the atomic bombs dropped by the United States were seen and felt with its on the whole revolting after-effects.

Proceedings like the Great Smog of 1952, in London also drew concentration of people to the circumstances of the increasing pollution. With the growing effect of the pollution on atmosphere and with the worldwide warming effects rising and becoming reality, it is fitting to be very significant to make continuous efforts in this regard and curb the possessions before they additionally cut down the life of planet Earth.

(Trzyna, Didion, 2001) The exposures of pollution are profoundly affecting the developed countries and compactly populated areas. The United Arab Emirates, with its ever-growing population, and a speedy investment that led to speedy constructions, fast-changing lifestyles in addition to the delving of governments into the earth reservoirs has led to an infuriating environmental problem. The speedy digging of oil wells has also had its share in the difficulty and the traffic augment has also taken its toll on the previously problematic condition.

Abu Dhabi, being one of the additional populated areas and holding further desirability for investment has had more problems in this area as well. The traffic and the escalating number of oil and gas refineries around the area have made it a great deal affected ones and it is all the more dangerous for the reason that most of the greenery and developed structures of water supply in the Emirates and particularly in Abu Dhabi are synthetically designed. It is the necessitate of the hour to work out a wide-ranging and a comprehensive intend that elegantly and systematically deals with all kinds of contamination creating elements.

The endeavour of the plan for the shortening of pollution should be to diminish the existing destructive elements in addition to to reduce the manufacture of it for times to approach. From the dissimilar facets of pollution like the air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution and environmental pollution to the additional effects of developments, every character should be well-thought-out and taken into account for the implications and sustainability of the arrangement.

In addition, measures should be taken in such a plan to estimate its accomplishment and sustainability for all the sectors that it impinges on and influences. (Trzyna, Didion, 2001)



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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