Essays on Environmental Management - Fires in High-Rise Temporary Housing Assignment

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The paper "Environmental Management - Fires in High-Rise Temporary Housing" is a wonderful example of an assignment on management. Fires in Overpopulated Temporary High-Rise Housing SARA METHOD TABLE SCANNING The problem is coming from workers' ignorance and neglect of fire safety while cooking. Electrical fires because of workers tampering electrical supplies resulting in short circuits and overloading. Management little or no regard to fire safety regulations. Local authorities and fire departments' shortcomings in implementing fire safety legislations. ANALYSIS The problem is occurring because workers do not have fire safety education. Cooking near combustible materials. Altering electrical and supplies because there are insufficient facilities.

Overcrowding and management disregard for workers' safety. RESPONSE Eradicate ignorance through effective fire safety education. ASSESSMENT Fire safety education effectively contribute to reducing fire incidents in the UK Fire and Community Safety The total cost of a fire to a community is huge as it includes the direct toll of life and injury and the actual financial losses caused by fire. Moreover, it also includes the indirect or consequential effects due to disruption of facilities, loss of trade, employment, anxiety, and inconvenience. Community safety is any form of health promotion including the prevention of fires and it works best when coordinated at the local community level.

The term ‘ community safety’ also presents a positive goal, rather than merely preventing negative events. In literature, the injury prevention of aspect of community focuses on unintentional injuries caused by vehicular and pedestrian accidents, poisons, falls, and fires because safety is recognized as a fundamental right and a basic precondition for individual and community health and well-being, economic and social development, peace and justice, and realization of higher aspirations (Whitzman 2008, p. 13). Our report focus is to identify an effective method to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities because of fires in temporary high-rise housing that are still under construction.

It will discuss and identify the problems using the SARA methodology and conclude with an evaluation of fire prevention strategies.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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