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Works cited. 10Environmental managementIntroductionSurveying an environment to identify the resources in it and the best ways of maintaining them is the most essential way of properly managing the environment. This makes it possible to identify the potential causes of risks hence identify ways of controlling the dangers. The effects that the occurrence of any risk is likely to have on the affected environment are likely to be reduced if the risks are prevented from happening. Formation of the risk managing organizations such as fire and rescue services is the best way of controlling or preventing the occurrences of risks (Environmental Agency, 3-5). In June 2007, Sheffield experienced two long spells of rainfall causing very severe floods which damaged many properties and caused evacuation of properties resulting to significant financial losses and environmental damage.

The risk occurred as a result of improper management of the environment. The contributory causes of floodsThere are various aspects which can be looked at as causes of the floods in Sheffield. The climate situations are among some of the contributing factors. Before the month of June there was a long spell of rain which left the ground so wet, so when the rain began again the ground cold not hold any more water hence it had to remain stagnant on the surface.

The wet weather also increased the amount of water humidity hence too little could be absorbed to the atmosphere. Advancement in the activities of the residents also highly contributed to occurrence of this risk, people have really changed their way of doing things in the name of cultural or economic activities. Although these activities are beneficial to the individual life, they are environmental hazards.

For example, there are many trees across and around the city preserved to break the speed of the wind and hold the soil particles together. However, with the increased population and diversity of activities trees so much deforestation taking place as they extract timber for domestic and commercial purpose that is putting up residential and commercial buildings. Therefore soil particles are easily blown by the wind or drained by rain water to the water bodies like rivers and dams. This raises the water level hence the volume of water which they can hold is little causing them to easily flood (Ryding, 43-48). Erosion of soil on the river banks weakens them thus when the water increases they are likely to burst and the water floods around.

Sheffield city is an island between networks of rivers, when these rivers overflows their water flood across the city sweeping anything it finds. Due to highly increasing population so many buildings have been put up and many more are in the process. This has forced those who have not secured themselves some space to settle along the natural floodplains of the rivers leaving them with no space for their overflow.

The excess water is forced to flow through the channels and culverts put across the city and if it is excess it floods all over the place.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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