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The paper "Wal-Mart Environmental Sustainability" Is a great example of a Management Assignment. Environmental sustainability is very crucial for the enjoyment of life for both the current and future generations. Modern Companies and organizations invest in environmental sustainability programs and projects in order to maximize both current and future profits while maintaining a good reputation for the community it operates in. One such company that invests in environmental sustainability programs is Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is an American international retail corporation that specializes in chains of large discount department stores and warehouse stores.

In this essay, I am going to assess how this company is doing in terms of environmental sustainability, report on its sustainability efforts and programs, compare its sustainability programs with those of Home Depot and classify Wal-Mart efforts in terms of resource-focused, recycle focused, regulation focused and reputation focused. In October 2005, Wal-Mart Company came up with a wide range of environmental measures to promote environmental sustainability through the creation of energy efficiency, reduction of greenhouse gas emission and promoting recycling of waste products among other means. It pledged to become a good steward of the environment.

Its primary goals were to be powered by 100% of renewable energy sources, producing very little waste products as well as selling sustainable products. Despite many promises and recommendations, the company has achieved less in its targets. As one of the world’ s largest retailers, its public commitments have not achieved a lot in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions well as a sweeping environmental change. Its environmental sustainability measures have failed to compensate for the harm it inflicts to the environment. Wal-Mart sustainability publicity has done the company wonders by promoting its public image despite doing little to mitigate and promote environmental sustainability. Even though Wal-Mart has not achieved a lot in promoting and fostering environmental sustainability, it has carried out some efforts aimed at environmental sustainability.

Other than the stated efforts that this company has carried out, the company has carried-out other more efforts. Some of such efforts include the following: The company has been successful in the promotion of the use of compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). The promotion of the use of these kinds of bulbs by this company and by its clients is aimed at helping in the reduction of energy consumption.

The company had set out to sell 100 million CFLs and they surpassed that goal, it has posted sales of more than 460 million of such bulbs to date, Sierra Club (3). These bulbs have not only reduced energy consumption but also saved money used in bulbs given the fact that they are relatively cheap and durable compared to other types of bulbs. The reduction of energy consumption is one of the company’ s environmental sustainability goals set in 2005.

Implementation of this effort has actually helped the company in the reduction of energy consumption thus helping in the promotion of environmental sustainability. The company has reduced the amount of waste production at a very high rate. Since 2011, the company has put in place measures to reduce waste production into landfills. For instance, in the year 2011, the company kept 80.9 of all waste generated by their U. S. operations out of the landfills, Wart mart 2012 Global responsibility Report (4). This measure aids a lot in the reduction of the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere, which is one of the harmful greenhouse gases, (Humes, 2011).

The reduction of waste dumping has also given the company an avenue to start profitable recycling measures that help in increasing revenue at a decreased expense. The company has also adopted such measures in other countries like China and Brazil where they divert a high percentage of their waste from landfills. Much has been achieved in the United Kingdom where no food waste is sent to landfills.

These measures of the reduction of waste disposal in landfills are a great measure of the promotion of environmental sustainability.


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