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The paper "Ephesians 6" is a worthy example of a research proposal on religion and theology. 1. Why does Paul start by urging believers to first be strong in the Lord, even before taking the full armor of God? 2. Was it necessary for Paul to list down the kind of enemies Christians face? 3. Why would Paul imply that the fight is spiritual, but proceed to give physical weapons? 4. Why the elaboration of the weapons by Paul? B. Research Paul’ s statement that believers ought to be strong in the Lord is a way of reminding the listeners of their role in winning the spiritual warfare.

Guzik (n. p.) puts it that a Christian ought to be strong eve before the armor of God is taken because a weak soldier cannot carry the weapons. In the history of the Israelites, an endless list of enemies had been conquered, including the Jebusites, Perizzites, Jirgashites to name but a few. By listing down the enemies, it would enable the believers to understand what they face. Also, it enabled them to understand that the war is never physical since the Israelites had been involved in this kind of fighting for a long time (Stedman n. p.).

Giving physical weapons in a spiritual battle was meant to act as an analogy because the audience was used to fighting using such weapons. Further, Paul is also trying to give an insight into the nature of the spiritual part of Christians (Chafer n. p.). The apostle decides to elaborate on the kind of weapons firstly because spiritual war, just like physical, is pretty dynamic. That is to say, believers need to be equipped with all the necessary weapons to be victorious in the spiritual war.

C. Literate analysis In the text, Paul is evidently solving the problem of kingdom mysteries in regard to believers’ struggles. The solution is provided by urging believers to remain steadfast in their walk with God and remain united with each other. This is evidenced by the repeat of the phrase “ take the full armor” implying that their victory lay in the exercise of these weapons. D. Interpretation In this passage, the author is trying to say that once and if believers understand the kind of enemies, they face and they proceed to use the weapons, they will not be defeated.

The timeless theological truth taught in this passage is that if believers position themselves, God is ready to equip and grant them victory in their spiritual lives. This is in line with the case of the Israelites when entering Canaan, they positioned around the wall and the Lord granted them victory (Stedman n. p.). E. Report This scripture is raising some questions which every believer ought to ask themselves before proceeding to make any conclusions.

The answers to the questions, if searched properly will give a believer the background of the analogies used. Paul realizes that the kingdom of God and its functions is somewhat puzzling and goes ahead to explain the enemies faced and weapons used by the believers. This impression is shared by Smith (n. p.) who adds that one fundamental truth that Paul highlights is that God’ s power can only be demonstrated when believers take up their positions and do as commanded by God.

It also reminds the believers that they have been called to take up a position and have a role to play if they are to conquer the evil in the world.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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