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The paper 'Entity-Relationship Modeling is a wonderful example of a Business Case Study. The corporate world today is fast moving toward adopting innovations that will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations; these innovations are largely based on the technological advancements that have been made in the areas of information technology, based on the internet as the modal tool for efficiency today. Companies are working hard to adopt the best forms of information technologies that will facilitate ease of management in their companies for both management and employees.

This growing need has seen a revolution of a number of systems being developed with the aim of meeting the corporate needs for their business operations. The purpose of this paper shall be to critically assess the operations of EquipHire in its present business operations, identify that key areas in these operations that need to be reinforced through effective information systems, explore a range of the available information systems suitable for businesses such as EquipHire, and then determine the best and most suitable core system that EquipHire can adopt to enable it to improve its business operations. Description of Business EquipHire is a large company that deals in hiring commercial and domestic equipment across states in Australia.

The company has been doing well in the industry from the profits it registered in the past and the expansion model it has adopted for its business. This calls for even more effective systems that will enable it to improve its service delivery to meet the ever-increasing customer demand. Although the business had a good plan with its HireIT program, which was aimed at making the process of hiring easier in recording and follow-ups, the system has failed to achieve this end because it is not able to reflect in its operations the fast-moving trends in technology.

The company needs a system that is fast enough to meet the needs of its commercial customers, as its major customer base comprises of commercial customers, who need high levels of efficiency to enable them to meet the needs of their customers as well. Presently, the costing of the hiring is done using spreadsheets, which is a long and daunting process for the business considering the high rate of customers it has to handle on a daily basis.

Because of the increased business activity, the present inventory system, which is largely manual, is not efficient enough to meet the needs of the business and reflect the true states of the business’ operations and activities. The business needs a system that will be able to handle the nature of the business’ operations, which fluctuate depending on the season and the construction activity taking place at the season. Another problem that the company is facing is that of inadequate checking and inspection of the quality of its equipment, so that at times, it may hire its customer's equipment of lower quality.

It needs to improve on this so that it can ensure that the hires to its customer's equipment of the highest quality and standards at all times in order to maintain its reputation and brand image among customers. This will help it in developing its competitive advantage because, in the industry that its operations, the quality of the equipment it hires plays a core role in attracting and maintaining its customers.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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