Essays on Infocom Computer Technologies - Market Feasibility Case Study

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The paper "Infocom Computer Technologies - Market Feasibility" is a good example of a business case study. This is a start-up partnership business that aims at selling laptops and computer accessories. The target group of the business is students, IT institutions, banks, hospitals and computer literate persons. The uniqueness of the business is that operations can be carried out through online shopping using the company’ s website. The purchases made by the customers can be delivered at their doorstep. Location The company is located in a shopping center in a big showroom that houses a service department and also there is an assembling area as well as the offices for the middle level and lower-level managers.

There is also a big board room that is used for meetings and conferences. Products and Services The products to be sold are laptops and computer accessories like chargers, batteries, LAN cables and other accessories. There is also the sale of mini-computer server-based systems together with other services like training and support and systems maintenance. Some of the benefits of the products being sold are that they are genuine and acquired from the manufacturers.

They also have authentic features example; genuine Operating System i. e. Windows, Linux, and even the Macintosh. Market Feasibility The market aimed by the business mainly in the educational institutions especially universities and colleges. This will provide the students and also the lecturers with computers that will enable them to work in emerging technology. This necessitates the purchase of computers and computer accessories. The students in the universities and colleges have become majorly the most users of computers since most of everything they do needs the use of computers (Han, B., et al.

2015). Hence, this provides us with the best market, and our products will sell very well. Pricing strategies The customers will be able to shop either online through our website or everyday low prices or even cash on delivery. They will also visit the company and in this way, they can make the best choices of the brand they want. The company also plans on holding tech. Expos at the nearby universities and institutions and this will make it easier for the customers to access the products without any inconvenience. Future Market Strategy The company must be on top of its competitors to ensure that full returns are made and that quality is maintained throughout the trading period.

This will also put the company in the forefront and hence win most of the customers’ hence boosting growth. For the customers, there will be discounts granted and also offers made. This will attract the customers and also beat the competitors by luring them to consider purchasing the goods.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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