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Social Media Application in Small Business Many organizations and small business owners need to be more efficient and convenient in their daily business interactions with their prospective clients. The main answer to the paragon of doing more work in less time and spending fewer resources lies in the use of social media platforms. Social media can imperatively influence several areas in any small enterprise such as increasing sales, building the right customer relationship and consequently affecting the bottom line effectively. In the current Canadian market, social media is affecting the way small scale businesses are carried out.

In accordance with the recent study contacted by the LinkedIn company, it is evident that majority of the consumers are more lenient to purchase goods and services due to the influence and presence of social media applications in the respective companies. The knowledge on the use of social media in thrive on small business is the right way to follow. In fashion marketing, for instance, several things need to be considered when engaging the customers. Many people need to ask the user questions, which can be business or general, related.

Sharing quandaries and users with other is also another advantage in the use of social media. Putting of feelers for business and solutions also gives an upper hand. Social media is very useful in sales. When the potential customers for instance ladies who are loyal customers in these forms of small enterprises and business owners are both online, a lot of contents can be shared. Playing of games, buying of products, chatting with business representing and getting the right directions and information about any small business is made possible by the ultimate use of social media platforms.

Market research and performance of the correct competitive analysis for the enterprise is also at ease when social media is in use (Kurtz and Boone 210). Emerging and existing social media platforms are creating a concrete difference on the performance and operation of small business in the fashion category. The owners of these businesses should have an intense concentration of the target customers and market. A perfect recommendation to the small-scale business owners is always to think about the target clients and prepare the right content for the sake of attraction.

These entrepreneurs should integrate into the living and surroundings of the target clients and respective lifestyles, interests both in business and out of business. This would quickly determine the correct form social platform to be applicable (Longenecker 17). Social media uses for this type of demographic are both varied and precious. In most cases, social media is appropriate as a marketing tool, educational purposes and as a tool for the derivation of business insights (Kurtz and Boone 156).

In this context, Pinterest is the best choice of social media platform in this form of small scale business. It allows customers to present the target package both in size and looks. It also allows sharing of ideas and visions with the customers. The success of Pinterest as the platform for this context is that makes use of effective imaging. Images of prospective customers and celebs dressed in certain fashion can be shared amongst friends hence a good marketing strategy. Customers are always in a position to see and evaluate the products being sold and reap great inspirations.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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