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HR CASE: Australian Employment LawKaren Stevens, the Sales Manager of Catastrophe Concepts in Australia has been noted for her lengthened stay in the company as a Senior Sales Executive. In the letter she received from the company when she was first hired, there the administration stated that she is to earn $75,000 per annum as a member of the sales team. However, as years pass, although Karen’s performance was somewhat acceptable at some point, it has been noticed by Lily Zheng, the Marketing Manager, that the performance of Karen has been causing a lot more losses for the company than she is doing better sales for the organization.

Hence as a result, the administration is now undergoing decisions as to how or when they should terminated the employment of Karen Stevens to avoid anymore possible losses in the future. In references to the case discussed, it could be observed that understanding the Australian labor law is an important part of the clarification of the issue. In Australia, contract-less employment appointments are but a common place for many workers (Cragg, 1997, 54).

Even among high positioned officials of organizations, it could be noticed how the letter-based acceptance to a job is given high regard by the Australian Law (Burges, 2005, 65). This though does not mean that the employees accepted through this process are less rightfully given chance to realize the lawful provisions of being employed to a company. As for a fact, the whole company is eligible for handling the needs and the demands of the employees whether they are contract-based or letter-based workers. This means that whatever the contract provides, the letter that is given to a person upon employment serves the same value as a contract does.

As for the case of Karen Stevens, the letter that was given to her as she as absorbed by the organization as a regular employee serves as her personal working guide and notice as to how much she would be paid, what her responsibilities would be and what the company expects from her. Through this, the letter then serves as a legal document that implies the effectiveness of the employment of Karen and the legality of the rights that Karen ought to realize while she works for the organization (Burgess, 2007, 32).

Besides the written letter, a regular record should also be kept about the evaluation over a worker’s performance within a certain period of time. This procedure would help administrators see if an employee is still worth keeping and paying or she or he is already causing the organization a possible future jeopardy towards the success that the entire business group is aiming to have. Through this approach, the values of the entire business organization are protected from any particular elements that might bring it down to failure.

Considerably, it is also through this kept record that the termination of an employee could be considered legal and within grounds as per suggested through the Workplace Relations Act or WRA (Burgess, 2007, 35). With this act established, it could be noticed how the protection of the employees are given careful attention by the government.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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