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PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL: Upgrading Procedures of Human Resource Management toProvide Workers with Better Chances of Being Well Motivated for Better PerformancePerformance Appraisal, this term has long been coined as one of the most important functions of management departments in several business and non-profit organizations. The idea is that every worker deserves to receive some ample attention so as to be motivated to work well for the basic functions of the organization and the missions that the entire team of workers are aiming to complete. Hence, discussing the different considerations that must be placed into constant attention when performance appraisal is being talked about calls for a better definition of what management is and how does this part of every business organization try to make amends in helping every person realize their importance to the company and thus be appraised with their performance for the organization that they are working for.

Management is an important functional section of any organization whether in the business or educational industries. The main aim of this paper is to mainly discuss the essential role or function that managers play in the business industries and the education sectors of the society as well (Barkow, 1995, 64).

To be able to briefly yet clearly define the role of the manager in a certain pattern that does help the readers gain a clear understanding of their importance in the companies or institutions, the author of this paper tries to breakdown the necessary informations that were garnered from the performed interviews. In addition, the said interview shall be summarized and analyzed in the paragraphs that would follow (McCoy, 1996, 54).

To begin the discussion, it is important to first have a clear understanding on who a manager really is. His major qualities and his skills that are required for the excellence of the service that he is expected to render his organization shall be introduced and further discussed (Noe, 2004, 34). This is taken into consideration by the author of this paper to be able to outline the basic factors that contribute to the excellence of managerial applications that are supposed to be practiced by managers in every organization. Managing is a skilful job that requires a person to have his own operating skills.

His ability to correlate with the subjects that he ought to manage is highly given importance by the organization (McNamara 1986, 45). This is the reason why managers are considered the main foundations of the people force of each organizational system. Usually managers are the ones who are assigned to take the position of the ‘leaders’ of any working team (Levin, 2001, 34). Hence, to be able to become a fine manager, there are necessary skills and characteristics that are needed for a person to be a competent manager.

Someone that an organization would actually value so much; listed herein are the CHARACTERISTICS of a competent manager according to Levin (2001, p43-46) Firs it is that of the character of having the ability to show empathy: Empathy is a feeling that a person has towards people who are oppressed and feeling low. At some point, this feeling is referred to as being able to “become as other”. Hence, if a person is able to feel how his subordinates feel, he would normally be able to take responsibility of the duties that a manager should complete.

Another is the manager’s ability to understand the needs of others: Mostly, this ability is highly connected with empathy. However, it requires more than just the feeling and the concern. It requires further research that must be done by the manager himself. A close look on the demands of the people would naturally help in the consistency of the role of the manager in an organization. It has been mentioned earlier that they are expected to oversee the process that could help in the improvement of the relationship of the upper sector of employees towards the lower level of workers.

Hence, to be able to do so, the managers are expected to have an exceptional ability to understand the needs of other people.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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