Essays on Political Actors and Institutions in Businesses Coursework

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The paper "Political Actors and Institutions in Businesses " is an outstanding example of business coursework.   Government business relation is the stable relationship between government institutions and businesses within the society relative to the economy. Government plays an important role in the control and regulation of business. It deals with the regulation of both local and international trade and manages the finances. In addition to the strength of the legal system and security offered to investors, the intervention of government acts as an important way of determining the financial system structure. The essay will examine the government’ s involvement in the operations of the free market and the level of involvement (Mike, 2008). The US government intervention protects small business and regulates competition so that small businesses are not exploited by big businesses.

The government ensures that the goods delivered to consumers are of excellent quality and do not pose any harm to human health. For instance, there are laws that ensure food and drugs are clearly labeled and inspected before sale. The US government has systems that control the nation’ s financial supply and banking activities and laws that govern the economy and sale of manufactured goods. How the US government regulates business The US government imposes taxes on manufactured goods and custom duty on imported goods.

As information and globalization revolution raises government business relationships are need to be diversified. The US government has enabled large companies with a higher number of workers can to form unions which can easily benefit from services offered by the government. The small companies are then encouraged to adopt the measures employed by the large companies to ensure that the services of the government are within the reach (Henry, H.

1979). The US government regulates foreign competition and this reduces pressure from the foreign market competition. The corporate managers are attached to government officials and this ensures that the particular corporations are able to access business services offered by the government. The corporations are in turn expected to carry businesses in accordance with the business laws set by the government. The US government issues import permits to enable companies to import their goods and services to foreign countries and this ensures free and fair market (McGillivray, 2001,). A number of regulatory bodies in the USA are structured in a way that they are insulated by the president and from political pressures.

These agencies are managed by independent boards and their members are appointed by the government and confirmed by the senate. Through the law, the boards are supposed to include commissioners and from political parties who serve in the government for a fixed period of time. Although the regulatory agencies are officially independent, congress members always have an influence on commissioners when airing the interests of their constituents (Sloman, 2002). The laws set by the US government ensure that companies carry out business in the appropriate way without exploiting their fellow businessmen and foreign business partners.

The US government has efficient knowledge in the mechanisms used in the regulation of business activities and this enables it to regulate business corporations effectively.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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