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Introduction My contribution to my group was analysing the difference between leadership and mananagment. My contribution was basically to bring out a clear picture of the differences that exist between the two concepts. After undertaking an in-depth research an integrating the contributions of my fellow group members I was able to come up with a comparative analysis that was basically much more clear and easy to understand. The essence of group work is basically to accomplish a certain task through problem solving. Our group was concerned with the evaluation of the aspects of leadership, power and empowerment, each individual was given a concept to evaluate and later we discussed the findings of each one and made contributions.

My experiences within the group work setup are supported by literature based on Group dynamics which basically evaluates the behaviour of people in a group was evidently proven by my experience in the group. The following presentation will cover my reflective experience within the group context. Furthermore the presentation will analyze my group member’s communication during the presentation and delivery of the presentation. The main aim of the easy is to analyze the events that went successfully in our group and the failures we experienced.

In addition the presentation will give recommendations of how we as a group can learn from experience and apply the skill learned from the group Interaction experience into the real business communication process. Interpersonal and group process within my groupThe aspect team work was one of the essential positive attributes that was present in my group. Each individual was ready to work with the other in order to come up with a good presentation.

Each individual was ready to cooperate and bring their view points. There was high level of cohesion in my group which was very useful. The aspect of cohesion contributed greatly to how we related within the group, for instance the group members were willing to freely express their feelings, I could see that every member was confident and was willing to be responsible for any particular task. I came to a realization that team work is very essential within the context o within the business communication process it is vital for each stakeholder of the organization be effectively involved in the communication process in order to build team spirit which is very much essential for a business (Foegen, 1999,46).

Another positive attribute that I noticed in my group was the communication process. Each group member was willing to listen to the other individuals view point in addition, we could freely communicate our ideas. I could see each person trying to bring out how important they were in the group by tying to make their contributions known to others.

At this particular point the group begun to be self sustained, each person was comfortable in trying to reveal their personality openly through the way they communicated while presenting their view points. I did not witness any passive group member who just listened to the contributions of other group members without making their own contributions. I learnt that the communication process requires a free environment were people can freely relate and bring their ideas without any sort of barriers such as people not listening and an environment that is not free for effective communication (Irvin, 1985, 195).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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