Essays on Australian Customs Quarantine and Inspection Clearance Assignment

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The paper 'Australian Customs Quarantine and Inspection Clearance' is a great example of a Management Assignment. Every business is governed by stringent logistical operations. This is because at each and every point it is imperative for the logistics to be carefully aligned to ensure systematization of all the needed products and services. Many at times there are systems in place to deal with the physical flow of products and activities from the producer to the consumer. The channels that follow this system include either the manufacturing of the said goods or services or the purchase of the goods and services from other producers.

They are then sold to the consumers who have already ordered for the products or services. In the event that they were not ordered for, the aspects of advertising come into focus. They ensure that the clients are aware of the products and services that are on offer. This is to encourage purchase at each and every point. The business world has evolved into very many aspects. These aspects have included the incorporation of ICT into the field of business.

Online retail stores ensure that it is possible to come up with mechanisms that will deal with the client’ s needs. This is without the need for the client to be physically present for the exchange. Many people from all over the world have purchased goods and services from many different and diverse areas (Ho 1997). The aspect of online marketing and advertising ensures that all the potential clients are aware of the goods and services that are available and their prices. This enables them to make a choice with respect to what is needed and what they do not.

They then use the specific mechanisms that are needed to ensure that they pay for the goods or services that they bought (Bonney 1994). The bought good or product is then shipped to the country where it has been bought and the client can pick it up. The cost of production using this method has been reduced over the years. This is major because the aspect of time and place has been made attainable for both the client and the producer (Cooper, Lambert & Pagh 1997). Chinese Sourcing Operations Many products and services come from different areas and jurisdictions.

This is because the main aim of the retailer is to ensure that they have the best quality of what is needed by the clients. In China, the sourcing operations are carefully formulated to ensure that there are no issues that may be experienced with the goods and services sourced from different clients. This is in relation to the aspects of quality control that are needed to be coupled with efficient delivery strategies at each and every point (Cooper, Lambert & Pagh 1997).

The region has for the longest time relied heavily on the aspect of quality to ensure that its sourcing operations are dealt with in each and every sector. An agent is selected to deal with many of the sourcing aspects that are required. The Chinese market in many instances also allows the involved parties to ensure that they are represented by a specific office or body that will ensure goods and services are outsourced at each and every point during the transfer of goods and services (Taniguchi, Thompson and Yamada 2003).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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