Essays on The Importance of Entrepreneurship in Australia and the UK Coursework

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The paper "The Importance of Entrepreneurship in Australia and the UK" is a good example of business coursework.   The importance of entrepreneurship in a country is indisputable. Entrepreneurship is the most supported business entity in most countries. Governments were unable to create jobs for everyone; therefore they opted to support entrepreneurship. Consequently, people are enabled to create employment for themselves and others. Creating a job for oneself carries many advantages. It ensures that one starts building their business immediately as opposed to waiting to find employment. One's livelihood is based on their business; therefore they feel motivated and put all their efforts in the growth of the business.

Starting a business can be done individually or in partnership. Whichever way it is done, regulations or policies should be followed to the letter. It is important to find out the legal issues surrounding the business one is undertaking. The legal matters range from issues of business registration, premises, taxation, product or service offered and even marketing issues (SMITH, 2007). Every country has laws and procedures involved in these systems. Therefore it is the responsibility of the entrepreneur to find out these procedures and follow them.

Failure to follow the procedures may bring forth undesirable legal issues in future. It may also be extremely expensive to rectify these mistakes. On line business Revolution in technology not only affects industries but also a business. The world is connected due to the development of a technology known as the internet. Information reaches millions of people in very few seconds through the internet. Corporations have therefore not been left behind in this. They have embraced technology in carrying out their business.

Both small and big companies have embraced e-commerce. The technology provided positive effects especially in terms of sales and marketing. Most companies have created websites and provided information regarding their products to people. Online business creates an awareness of services at a national and international level. A shop in one town is available to consumers throughout the country due to e-commerce. The provision to shop online is also possible. However, similar to other forms of business aspects, e-commerce is governed b its own regulations. These regulations require to be followed to legalise the existence of one's online business.

The first requirement is the address name. This is known as the domain name through which the business website is found (CLARK, 2008). Most Australian companies register domain addresses ending with ‘ .com au’ . The eligibility criteria and infringement of third party rights are two aspects of consideration in picking a domain name. The eligibility aspect requires the company with a ‘ .com. au’ the domain name to be an Australian registered company or carry an Australian trademark. The similarity between the domain name and the business name is a requirement.

However, the domain name can also be an acronym of the business name or trademark. Once the eligibility is confirmed, the infringement aspect should be investigated. This is to ensure that the domain name does not infringe the rights of the trademark, company name or business name. This will ensure the business runs smoothly without running risks for name changes in the future. A web designer joins the process after a domain is confirmed. The web designer carries the ability to present the ideas and information needed on the website professionally.

Considerations of different issues also require to be taken in this case. The infringement of third party rights is also a possibility in this section. Therefore the business owner and the web designer need to ensure that the information upholds the rights of the business name, trademark and other services offered by the business (CLARK, 2008). The rights of the information posted on the website require to be decided on. To avoid misunderstanding one should ensure intellectual ownership of the information on the web to ensure smooth running and changes in the future.

However, for new and young entrepreneurs whose business is still small, they can acquire a computer skill in web design. This saves them the cost of hiring an expensive expert especially if the web is for disseminating a few basic pieces of information.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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