Essays on The Future Impact of Same-Sex Marriage Essay

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The paper "The Future Impact of Same-Sex Marriage" is a perfect example of an essay on social science. Same-sex marriage is a relationship that involves marriage between a man and a man or between a woman and another woman. Same-sex marriages have been a way of life for a long time. However, this issue had not developed an interest until recent years. In contemporary society, same-sex marriages have picked noteworthy interest thus creating a platform for discussions worldwide on whether they should be legal or against the law.   Same-sex marriages are perhaps viewed as having more adverse impacts than affirmative results and consequently, they ought to be illegalized.

Same-sex marriages weakened the by now relatively weak union foundation and changing its procreative purpose. This is because these forms of marriages only seem to rise an already existing societal problem. With the inability of the same sex to reproduce, thereby same-sex marriages do not assist in advancing the human race. Moreover, same-sex marriages are seemingly selfish since they are more focused on the interests of adults leaving children out of the picture. People in support of same-sex marriages may argue that adopting children may solve the problem of procreation, as is the way of many same-sex marriages.

Same-sex marriages are in contrast with cultural practices and beliefs of most religions (Hunter 54). Over the years, many cultures have based the family setting of specialization and division of labor. Each gender is allocated a set of activities that are connected to a particular sex and the absence of one sex implies neglecting some of the roles stipulated for the particular gender missing. Despite the arguably few advantages that accompany same-sex marriages, there are other options that can be adopted to amount to the same results.

For example, there are increasingly many laws protecting people from all types of discrimination including those relating to marriage. Furthermore, same-sex marriages do not offer the best environment for children's development due to the absence of fathers and mothers who both have an important role to play in the children's development process. In addition, same-sex marriages are a source of confusion and depletion of cultural and religious beliefs.

Therefore, it is in order to conclude that same-sex marriages should be discouraged and illegalized ( Hunter 45).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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