2 Assignmets Total 250 Words About Economic Policy And Government Budgets – Essay Example

Your full full June 17, Economic Policy and Government Budgets Yes, sharp disagreements about management of the economy divide economic liberals and conservatives. Differences also exist between them regarding the way they use to frame policy alternatives. While designing economic policy alternatives, liberals focus on the role of the government in regulating all areas of the economy. They believe that increasing tax rates, interest rates and government spending can benefit the economy. On the other hand, conservatives believe that lowering tax rates and cutting government spending can prove beneficial for the economy. They also try to limit the role of the government in order to empower individualism. They promote free market system and limited role of the government in regulating the economy.
Liberals and conservatives have different viewpoints on almost every matter of life. Liberals view the process of change as progress, whereas conservatives are generally cautious about change. If we talk about management of the economy, we can say that this issue also divides liberals and conservatives. Liberals promote federal power system and believe that the role of the government is critical in stabilizing the economy. On the other hand, conservatives promote local power system and raise their voice for privatization of national institutions and reduced government regulations.
I would say that the post was highly informative. The author made the viewpoints more understandable by including some relevant examples. The author also revealed the ideas of liberals and conservatives regarding economic policies. Summing it up, I would say that the author presented both viewpoints in a well-structured way.
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