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of the of the of the SOCIAL NETWORKS SOCIAL NETWORKING Social networking can be termed as an act of getting connected to and participating in a network of users connected virtually via a network. The network is often established by a portal or a website that enables users to create their profile on it and lets them get connected to all the other users who are logged into the site. This network of virtual individuals is tremendously large in magnitude and is a source of a number of advantages and disadvantages.
Examples of platforms supporting social web profiles are Facebook, Twitter, Orkut LinkdIn etc.
The globalization of today’s world sees it as such that virtually every human being is connected to the web in one way or the other.
The aims of Social Networks are numerous. They can be summarized as follows:
The spreading out of information and that too in an efficient and timely manner.
The maintenance of timely runtime contact with individuals across the globe irrespective of their physical locations etc.
The connections via social networks can be used to interconnect individuals whether it may be for personal or professional purposes.
The scope of social networks varies extensively. From personal updates to the marketing of your officially launched professional product, social network does it all for you. Its usage in E-Commerce and specifically E-Marketing is widespread as well.
Increasing popularity of social networks demands that social ethics be made prevalent on the social networks. If the cons are administered social networks are inevitable from the lives of humans.
Recommendations for social networks are primarily for youngsters. Youngsters are advised not to share their personal information with strangers on public social networks.
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