Drafting The Interview/survey – Essay Example

ID Number & Drafting the Interview Survey Interview The person interviewed was notonly very informative but also very enthusiastic in sharing her thoughts and ideas with regards to the subject matter. After the actual interview, it is interesting to learn how the interviewee can provide subjective response to each of the research interview question. By asking open-ended research interview, the person being interviewed can provide her response based on her own personal experiences.
During the actual interview, what struck me most is the research participant’s non-verbal cues. To each of my questions, the research interviewee was actually sending me different facial expressions and different body language. Each time she is in the process of thinking of what to tell me, she tends to either close her eyes for a second or stare blankly at the ceiling.
Basically, her non-verbal actions made me realize why the use of a one-on-one interview is better than e-mail interviews. What I want to learn more is how to decode these non-verbal cues.
The actual survey results gave me a more generalized idea with regards to the research topic. The most interesting part of the research survey result is the pattern of their answers. Pertaining to how each of the research survey participant perceive the research questions, the pattern shown in the actual research survey results indicate the similarities and differences in their personal opinions.
It is surprising to know that similarities in their response strongly suggest that the research survey participants have the same perception with regards to the research question. On the other hand, differences in their response show that the research survey respondents have opposing ideas to the research question.
The research finding is in accordance to my own opinion with regards to the research topic. Therefore, the research findings actually helped me validate my idea with regards to this issue.